315 evening party unveiled the black screen of online lending: women borrow more than 7,000,000 yuan to write a suicide note

 315 evening party unveiled the black screen of online lending: women borrow more than 7,000,000 yuan to write a suicide note

[Tonight, the black screen of # 714 anti-aircraft artillery # shows the world! This kind of money and life APP must be far away from..

There is a kind of small net loan called 714 anti-aircraft gun by netizens. 714 refers to a loan cycle of 7 or 14 days, and anti-aircraft gun refers to its high cut-off interest and overdue expenses.

Ms. Dong borrowed 7,000 yuan on such a platform, which was the beginning of her nightmare.

When borrowing, these APPs deduct 30% of the amount of borrowing under various names, commonly known as cut interest in the industry. Its not just the haircut thats terrible. Ms. Dong finds that the overdue charges of those loans that havent been paid have also come up one after another, with the amount of each day reaching as high as 5% to 10% of the principal. Only in this sweet rabbit APP, Ms. Dong keeps looking for new APP to borrow money, and breaks down the East Wall to make up the West Wall. At first, the debts of 7,000 yuan rolled to more than 500,000 yuan in just three months.

Victim Ms. Dong: There are about 50 platforms for all borrowings, and the overdue cost is more than 10,000 yuan per day.

Over the past three months, while Ms. Dong has been repaying money every day, she and her relatives and friends have been receiving various humiliating calls to collect money.

Originally, when customers borrow money, they must authorize software to access mobile phone address books and verify operators. In the background of a companys software, the reporter actually saw a variety of detailed information, such as customer ID photos, mobile phone address book, mobile phone call records, etc.

Technician of Anhui Violet Technology Co., Ltd. (Borrower) The most terrible thing is to expose his address book. The friends around him know that he has not paid back the money he borrowed. He is most afraid of this.

714 anti-aircraft gun software is operated by some people, and others spare no effort to promote. Rong360 claims to be Chinas leading smart platform for mobile finance, and also hosts a large number of small loan merchants, including Ms. Dongs cool card and borrow money and so on. Rong360 staff introduced that they recommend customers for merchants, and they charge a certain fee for every successful loan.

Mr. Wang owed more than 100,000 yuan in debt through 360 and other 714 anti-aircraft artillery. He even made a frantic call to the head teacher of his childs class.

Ms. Dong was completely desperate. She wrote her husbands suicide note.

Mr. Wang: Its no exaggeration at all. We all think of death.

Source: CCTV Financial Responsibility Editor: Ji Xueying_NN6784