CCTV 315 evening exposed eight consumer shadows. How many have you met?

 CCTV 315 evening exposed eight consumer shadows. How many have you met?

The annual CCTV 3.15 party is here again!

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What consumption shadows did the party expose?

The theme of this years CCTV 3?15 Gala is co-governance and sharing, reassuring consumption. It focuses on violations of consumer rights and interests in the areas of product quality, after-sales service and Internet consumption, exposes industry insiders and hidden rules of consumption, advocates the construction of a co-governance mechanism of consumption that combines enterprise autonomy, industry self-discipline, government supervision and social supervision, and promotes the formation of a safe and reassuring mechanism. Consumer environment to meet the peoples needs for a better life.

This evening party exposed eight consumer shadows.

01 Medical Waste Black Industry

Medical waste with blood has turned into plastic basins and even childrens toys!

Exposure content

Infusion bottles, infusion bags, disposable syringes, blood bags and other medical waste, which should be centralized and harmless disposal of medical waste, have been processed into broken materials for sale.

CCTV reporters in Shandong, Henan, Shaanxi, Hebei and other places found that many small businesses are secretly processing plastic infusion bottles, plastic bags and other medical waste, and even disposable medical waste.

At these processing points, large quantities of used infusion pipes are piled up on the ground, and plastic pipes for bags are also piled up in the corridors. In addition to the infusion tube, there are syringes, anatomy and other medical waste.

These wastes have been processed into plastic mesh bags, plastic washbasins and other daily necessities, and even childrens toys.

02 dangerous spicy strips

Children rush to buy spicy strips, production environment spicy eyes!

Exposure content

CCTV reporters came to Gaochang Village, Chengguan Township, Lankao County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, according to the address on the packaging bag of shrimp pulling eggs brand hot strips. After many inquiries, in a field several kilometers away from Gaochang village, the reporter found the enterprise.

Staff admitted that although the packaging was marked with shrimp and eggs, there were neither shrimp nor eggs in the shrimp pulling eggs hot strip. In addition to flour, it is a variety of seasoning additives.

In the batching workshop, the reporter saw on the ground there were more than a dozen additives of different sizes, such as monoglyceride fatty acids, sucralose, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, preservatives, colorants, preservatives and so on. These additives were mixed and poured into the drum for full stirring, and then mixed into hot strips.

In another manufacturer, the reporter saw that the ground in front of the extruder was covered with baked dough, and the far ground was scattered with black carbon-like dirt. The machine for delivering hot strips was covered with oil, and the production environment on the spot was very dirty. The owner, surnamed Ouyang, said that the kiss beef tendons they are producing now sell well.

03 Cosmetic Eggs

The eggs you bought for several times more are actually not related to chickens, but to a pigmentation additive.

Exposure content

CCTV reporters visited various parts of the country and found that there are many labeled eggs, Wood Eggs and silly eggs. The price of these eggs is much higher than that of the ordinary bulk eggs next to them, and some of them are even twice as high.

Salesmen are emphasizing that the price of these eggs is higher than that of ordinary eggs, because the chicken breeding process is very special, not modern cage, but natural free-range feeding, feeding not synthetic feed, but cereals.

However, the price of eggs is twice as high as that of ordinary bulk eggs, many of which are made up! The head of a food company selling local eggs took the reporter to a cooperative farm. Reporters found that in the shed of the farm, rows of iron cages were full of laying hens, and there were no free-range chickens.

The head of the farm told reporters that his eggs here are redder than the yolk of ordinary eggs and look more like earthy eggs. How does the yolk turn red? Farmers say they use a feed additive called cantharidin yellow.

04 Imperfect Intelligent Harassment Telephone A box installed on the roof, you can quietly grasp your mobile phone number, even your marital status, consumer habits!

Exposure content

Why do we receive all kinds of harassment calls when the state has stepped up efforts to rectify harassment calls? Who dialed these phones? The original secret is hidden in this small probe box.

This product is developed by Soundtooth Technology Co., Ltd. When the wireless local area network (WLAN) of the users mobile phone is open, it will send a signal to look for wireless network around. When the probe box finds this signal, it can quickly identify the MAC address of the users mobile phone, convert it into IMEI number, and then convert it into the mobile phone number.

Some companies put such small boxes in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, office buildings and other places, without the knowledge of users, to collect personal information, including marriage, education, income and other data personal information!

Samoye Internet Financial Services Co., Ltd. related responsible person told reporters, and store cooperation, a month only spent several hundred yuan. A shopping mall has 11 doors and 11 probe boxes. These small boxes are placed in the hollow position of the ceiling.

However, for this kind of illegal act, practitionerspsychology is very clear. Some even say that if 315 is exposed, it will be checked after 315; if 315 is not exposed, it will take another year.

05 Qualification Certificate How can it be so affiliated

Pharmacist Qualification Certificate has become a drug store industry clearly marked price commodities, your medication safety, who will guarantee it?! _________

Exposure content

Renting professional qualification certificates has become a business. Many pharmacists are out of work and continue to sell prescription drugs. Professional pharmacist certificates in some pharmacies are leased and affiliated.

Reporters visited more than 20 pharmacies in Chongqing, such as Jianzhijia Chain Health Pharmacy, Downs Pharmacy, Heping Pharmacy, Wanhe Chain Pharmacy and Jishantang Pharmacy, and found similar strange phenomena. Some drugstores have their licensed pharmacistscertificates, but pharmacists are not on duty. Some drugstores directly put up the pharmacists are not on duty brand.

Insiders said that around the abnormal market demand of registration certificate, a gray industry has been formed, and many enterprises even directly engaged in the business of registration intermediary.

Reporters found that employment network, on the surface, seems to be a professional website to publish job recruitment information, but its staff revealed that the so-called part-time job is only a cover, in fact, to register. There are all kinds of primary doctors certificates and attending doctors certificates. The annual rental price varies from 8000 yuan to 50000 yuan. By providing registration opportunities for both parties, the Employment Network will charge a certain service fee.

With the deepening of the investigation, reporters found that not only the medical industry, but also the construction industry has the phenomenon of registration.

06 Unhygienic sanitary articles

Recycled sanitary napkins and diapers have been processed into adult diapers!

Exposure content

According to the mandatory national standard GB15979 for disposable sanitary articles, the raw materials for the production of adult diapers should be non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, and the use of discarded sanitary articles as raw materials is prohibited. But interviews by reporters found that some manufacturers used recycled diapers and sanitary napkins to make adult diapers.

In the production workshop of an enterprise, the workers directly put the recycled paper diapers and sanitary napkins with stains into the machine, which is processed into bulk through the steps of breaking, separating and sieving.

Workers of Xiantao Baist Company in Hubei told reporters that because the price of loose pulp per ton is about 4000 yuan, and the price of rolled pulp that meets the national standard is about 8000 yuan, the profit margin brought by using unqualified loose pulp can be imagined, so they often add loose pulp in proportion to the production of adult diapers, the specific amount of which depends on the price set by customers.

With the deepening of the investigation, reporters found that not only adult diapers, some enterprises in the production of dual-purpose towels for women and infants, but also used these unsanitary pulp.

07 After-sales Service Routine

Maintenance of household appliances depends entirely on the acting skills of the after-sales personnel. No faults are said to be faults, and minor faults are charged according to major faults.

Exposure content

Reporters enter special after-sales service maintenance centers of many household appliances enterprises in the name of internship, but find that when installing new household appliances free of charge, maintenance personnel use various means to sell accessories at high prices and earn high commissions, which has become a common trick of many special maintenance centers. And more cat fatigue exists in the after-sales maintenance service of household appliances.

For example, workers install washing machines but find problems, deliberately allowing customers to install unnecessary brackets, just for commission. A free installation service, customers were fooled 200 yuan.

More cat fatigue exists in the after-sales maintenance service of household appliances. Washing machine drain pipe is broken, but said that the drum is broken, deliberately hide the drain pipe, is for commission!

Sometimes the machine that is not a problem is said to be a problem, washing machine is only less clothes, repairman did nothing, but charged customers 200 yuan.

Some after-sales service personnel told reporters that in addition to learning to deceive customers with professional knowledge, they should also learn to watch people drop dishes. The higher the fee is, the lower the fee is in general economic conditions. The purpose is to make more money without causing customers to complain to manufacturers.

There are also household appliances that are said to be repaired back to the factory. In fact, they are repaired at the repair point. Sometimes, in order to perform the repairs back to the factory, the workers even forge the repair marks on the machines that have not been repaired at all.

08 714 Anti-aircraft Gun is more expensive and desperate

Internet loan 7,000 yuan, three months rolled into 500,000!

Exposure content

Online loan processing is very convenient, mobile phones can be operated, funds can be immediately available, and some even called low interest, mortgage-free. Its so convenient and easy that its very tempting for borrowers. But once touched, it may fall into an endless abyss.

For example, Ms. Dong originally only borrowed 7,000 yuan, and her head-cut interest and overdue expenses rolled to 500,000 yuan in three months.

This kind of micro-online loan is called 714 anti-aircraft gun by netizens, 714 refers to the loan cycle is usually 7 or 14 days, anti-aircraft gun refers to its high cut-off interest and overdue expenses.

Internet lending companies never worry about customers borrowing money or not returning it, because they have a killers mace. When customers borrow money, they must authorize software to access the mobile phone address book and verify the operator. In the background of the companys software, the reporter saw all kinds of detailed information such as customer ID card photos, mobile phone address book, mobile phone call record and so on, which was the trick of the previous female victims.

Latest progress

According to CCTV news reports, in view of the hot eyes in the workshop exposed at the March 15 evening party, the deputy director of Yushi County Market Supervision Bureau said that he would request the closure of food factories that produce unsanitary hot strips.

Subsequently, the reporter followed the law enforcement officers of the Pingjiang County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Hunan Province to Pingjiang Junli Food Co., Ltd. The director of Pingjiang County Administration for Industry and Commerce said that consumers could complain to the administrative organs, ask them to file a case for investigation, investigate such workshops and factories that produce unsafe or unqualified products, assume the corresponding administrative responsibility, give warnings, order them to stop business and rectify, or even revoke their production or business licenses.

3.15 Party-Consumption Early Warning

Flash payment function has the possibility of being stolen and brushed

When a bank card with the function of flash payment is consumed, it does not need to enter a password or sign. It only needs to close the card to the POS machine to complete the transaction quickly. The reporter found that most banks open this function by default when dealing with bank cards. There is a possibility of being stolen and brushed.

Some online sellers use other product information as a cover, and can buy POS machines on the Internet to support UnionPay-Free. Reporters will buy this POS machine from the Internet and bank cards 5 centimeters apart, the results of successful payment; Reporters will bank cards into jacket pockets, without contacting the card, the result is successful payment; Reporters will flash the function of bank cards into the bag pocket, also can easily complete the payment.

Electronic cigarettes may also cause nicotine dependence

Through scientific experiments, it can be proved that electronic cigarettes also contain many harmful ingredients, which are no less harmful than cigarettes. Some electronic cigarette smoke liquid nicotine content labeling is not standardized, and some even exist serious nicotine content exceeding the standard. The smoke contains formaldehyde, propylene glycol and glycerol.

Teenagers who smoke electronic cigarettes for a long time will also become dependent on nicotine.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of China Quality Daily