Three doctors in Shanghai were deceived by the same woman into approaching one million patients as a farmers wife.

 Three doctors in Shanghai were deceived by the same woman into approaching one million patients as a farmers wife.

Can help you get out of position C

It can also solve tens of millions of financing problems.

Or is it the white rich beauty with high price and outstanding temperament?


Three doctors in Shanghai recently

Nearly a million people were cheated by the same woman

They thought they had met someone.

Brocade carp that can help climb to the top of life

Unexpectedly, behind the halo is a person.

Rural women full of routines

On October 21, last year, Zhang Mou, his friends Shi Mou and Li Mou came to the Wujiaochang police station of Yangpu Public Security Bureau to report that they had been cheated by others by nearly one million yuan. After receiving the report, the police immediately carried out an investigation and found that behind the three people were deceived, the same person actually committed the crime. Originally, all three victims were doctors in a hospital, and the suspect was Zhao Mou, a patient they met at work.


Want to be a C-bit player? Give the money a dot

At the beginning of 2018, I heard that Zhao Mou was very familiar with the well-known brokers in Beijing entertainment circle. Zhang Mou asked Zhao Mou to join hands and let his daughter, who had a star dream since childhood, make her debut in the entertainment circle. Zhao Mou promised. From February 2018 to June 2018, Zhao asked Zhang for more than 270,000 yuan in fees on the grounds of attending talent shows, going abroad for International Fashion Week and inviting directors to travel to Hainan.

Deception two

Want a low-interest loan? Benefit Fee Cant Be Less

At the same time, accidentally learned that Shi Mou was worried about the financing difficulties of his fathers business, Zhao took the initiative to express to him that there were ways to deal with 18 million low-interest loans, but they needed to pay benefit fees. Shi paid more than 330,000 yuan to Shi through transfer and remittance.

Deception three

Want Bai Fumei to be a girlfriend? Lets pay the bill first.

What is more absurd is Li Mous experience of Platonic love. Zhao Mou introduced his niece Yuanyuan, who had just returned from studying abroad, to single Li Mou. Yuanyuan is not only outstanding in appearance, but also the heir of the family business. After seeing the photos, Li Mou fell in love. But Yuanyuan, who works in Beijing, can only fall in love by Wechat. Buying bags, traveling, shopping, treating diseases... Although never met, but Yuanyuan in the Wechat dialogues constantly demanded that Li constantly pay the bill. During this period, he remitted more than 510,000 yuan to his girlfriend whom he had never met before.

In October 2018, after repeated requests to meet, Yuanyuan and Zhao suddenly lost contact. In a hurry, Li asked his colleagues Zhang Mou and Shi Mou, only to learn that they were all deceived, so they reported the case to the police together.

After receiving the report, the Wujiaochang Police Station of Yangpu Public Security Bureau immediately launched an investigation. After visiting brokerage companies and related banks, the police found that Zhao Mous so-called knowledge of well-known brokers, bank directors and so on are all fiction, and they have not helped Zhang Mou and Shi Mou to handle the so-called entrusted matters at all. During the visit, the police also found that not only Zhang and Shis transfer, but also Lis transfer of 510,000 yuan into Zhaos account. After further investigation, the police confirmed that the round circle of courtship with Li Mou in Weixin was Zhao Mous disguise. Originally, Zhao Mou used other mobile phone numbers to register Weixin. He acted both as Hongniang and as Bai Fumei. One person partially decorated two corners and was singing Double Reed to Li Mou.

In early January this year, police found that Zhao had absconded to Guannan County, Jiangsu Province. On January 24, with the assistance of the local police, the police captured Zhao Mou. After the case, the suspect Zhao Mou truthfully confessed the facts of the crime of fraudulent money of Zhang Mou, Shi Mou and Li Mou. In the investigation, the police found that although Zhaos educational background is not high, but can speak eloquently, look at other peoples difficulties and weaknesses waiting for opportunities to cheat. At present, the suspect Zhao Mou has been detained in accordance with the law for suspected fraud, and the case is being further tried.

The police reminded the masses to raise their awareness of prevention

Dont trust other peoples promises

Dont transfer money easily.

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