In addition to the innovation of the hardware equipment of tea-making robot, we are more interested in the big data application behind it. Li Zongyi, deputy general manager of Happy Lemon Marketing Headquarters, introduced that when Happy Lemon selected its stores, it selected Shanghai Riyueguang Business Circle with high volume, multi-passenger flow and high consumption capacity through big data to carry out the pilot of smart stores. And through large data artificial intelligence algorithm, it can accurately identify customerscatering preferences and recommend personalized dishes accordingly, improve the ordering speed and increase the unit price of orderers.

It is understood that Happy Lemon and word-of-mouth cooperation of more wisdom stores are in preparation, the future will open stores in more core cities.

According to the word-of-mouth aspect, customers only need to take out their mobile phones and order with the word-of-mouth APP, then they can choose the taste, ice degree and sugar degree of milk tea by themselves. After payment is completed, the tea-making robot starts to mix milk tea, and then puts milk tea into the cupboard. The whole process does not require manual participation, and it takes 90 seconds on average to make a cup of tea.

At present, tea-making robots can provide customers with eight kinds of tea drinks, which can adjust their preferences for ice and sugar. There are totally more than 40 customized combinations. (Peng Lihui)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279