2009 Kunlun Duel Club Professional League Match Shanghai Wuhan Strong Duel

 2009 Kunlun Duel Club Professional League Match Shanghai Wuhan Strong Duel

After three months of settling down, the rules of player registration system, north-south competition area system, Home-away round robin system, new club and players two-line points system have been put on line one after another, and they have jointly escorted the heavy start of the new season club league. More standardized, more professional game management, new game packaging, rigorously evaluated team strength, a new broadcasting platform, the 2019 season league will show us what kind of excitement is worth looking forward to.

In the opening battle, one side is the leagues new strength - Shanghai Gangfeng Wushu Club based on Wushu education, the other side is the old-fashioned team - after the final victory of last seasons eliminating competition in Wuhan Zhuangge Fighting Club. The frontal collision between Shanghai and Wuhan represents the cruel elimination of the fittest and the fittest on the professional platform. It also brings together elite fighters from all over the country and sets off a storm of fighting youth that will sweep across the country.

In addition, Wang Xiyue and Zheng Xianwen will continue to attack the championship together with their teammates. Although veterans peak confrontation is eye-catching, it is also the ultimate expectation of the League to provide a stage for Chinas new fighting forces to show themselves.

At 19:30 p.m. on March 16, Shanghai Qingpu Sports Center staged the Southern District Strong and Strong Dialogue on the opening match of the League tournament. Watermelon video will be broadcast live as an exclusive network broadcasting platform. Please pay attention to it.

2019, youre not alone!

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