The Goddess of the Swimming Team: Ye Shiwens ideal is not me now! Its __________

 The Goddess of the Swimming Team: Ye Shiwens ideal is not me now! Its __________

However, when he was in Hangzhou, he answered the question. Maybe its because the memory of swimmers is only three seconds, so Circle Sister today to help Shun Ge recall, hip-hop! (Bad laughter goes on and on)

Circle elder sister: Xiaoye said that her teams favorite is Shun Ge. She thinks Shun Ge is very considerate and considerate.

Wang Shun: I dont know yet. I hope I can think of others as much as possible in the future. Look at him. How cunning!

Sister Circle: Will Ye talk to you about some troubles and choices, including school swimming? (Continue the routine)

Wang Shun: I will talk to her. Sometimes I will talk to her and help her analyze it a little. (How to analyse it without mentioning it!)

Well answer Leaf is looking at you

Circle elder sister: She said that the former ideal is you! (Its only a big move!)

Wang Shun: Hey hey hey hey! Yes ideal has now become a puff master. There is a dessert chef downstairs. She says wow!!! This is delicious!!! Then the Western Point Master made a plate of pudding for their table the next day. I said thats the standard for you to find a boyfriend in the future.

Circle Sister: Is it easy to be tempted by delicious food? ?

Wang Shun: Yes, when we went to Japan and Singapore, we had dinner together. Ye Ye was delicious. I also wanted to have a bite. Shes more fun, hey hey hey!

Circle Sister: Whats your ideal type?

Wang Shun: The criteria for finding a girlfriend? Never thought about it. Boys are not in a hurry. They can be 30 years old. Make yourself a better person, and you can be a better person to find a girlfriend in the future.

Circle Sister: There will always be a box! Goddess of the Heart?

Wang Shun: Box? Woman!

Circle Sister: In case you like men, its hard to say!

Wang Shun: Well, maybe the turtle and Li pig are also in that box, and Abe! Ha ha ha!

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