Former Real Madrid President: Jose Mourinho is the first choice of the old Buddha, Qi Zuzeng, who refused to return.

 Former Real Madrid President: Jose Mourinho is the first choice of the old Buddha, Qi Zuzeng, who refused to return.

Calderon said: Mourinho is the first choice, Mourinho would have coached Real Madrid, because he is the only coach Florentino respects. Florentino regards Mourinho as his shield. He is the only person who dares to say something nobody dares to say. He is the one who blames the referee, the media or anyone else. This is not the case with ordinary people.

So the players tried to stop it. Thats what they did when the club wanted to invite Conti. When Contis name was mentioned, Florentino thought Real Madrid needed a tough coach, but he didnt find it, or he found it but didnt think it over clearly. The players reminded him that coaches like Conti didnt need a tough coach.

Zidane refused the first call because he had only been away from Real Madrid for nine months and he needed to maintain his image. Then, after knowing that Mourinhos return would cause problems, Ferguson called Zidane a second time and Zidane accepted. I think this is the right choice. This is the best solution. They are totally different, not just in the number of champions, because Zidane is a coach who can bring calm, quiet and gentle.

Iniesta could have come to Real Madrid. His default penalty was 60 million. The problem was that the club could not pay the money. The money had to be paid by the players. This situation has changed. Now the club can pay the default penalty. It would have been a great quote, but it was not as clear as it is now. Iniesta had a difficult time in Barcelona, which was possible at that time, but the economic situation at that time made the transfer impossible. And you need to convince the player completely. He had a good time in Barcelona, but during that time when he talked about renewing his contract, we could have succeeded, but in the end we didnt.

We had problems with Maradona. Once he came to the Bernabeu in a bad state. He was wearing slippers and shorts. We had some rules in the Bernabeu. In the box, we asked him to wear a suit and tie. Thats the rule. He didnt follow the rules at that time. Whoever it is, this is Real Madrid, higher than any player or anyone else. He said at the time, but I am Maradona, and we told him that this is Real Madrid. Then the director of the site regulations told him that he could go to another transparent box. I dont know if he finally went. They said he finally left. These things are not allowed, so can the king? No way.

Source: Responsible Editor of Wanke Football App: Feng Haotian_NSJS2656