Is the epic dialogue coming? Messi C. Ronaldos only chance of meeting: the Champions League Final

 Is the epic dialogue coming? Messi C. Ronaldos only chance of meeting: the Champions League Final

Ronaldinhos Juventus were divided into the first half and the Bianconeris opponent was Ajax, who eliminated Real Madrid. If Juve reach the semi-finals, they will face the winner between Spurs and Manchester City. Messis Barcelona are divided into the second half and the Reds and Blues will face Manchester United. If Barcelona qualifies, the next opponent will be Liverpool or Porto.

If Messi and Cristiano meet in the Champions League final, the attention of this seasons finals is bound to burst. In the history of the Champions League, the two have played in five matches, all of which took place in semi-finals or finals. From the data point of view, Messi has the upper hand. Messi scored three goals in five games. Ronaldo not only scored 0 goals, but also kicked a flying penalty. Messi won the championship once and eliminated Ronaldo personally to reach the final, while Ronaldo eliminated Messi thanks to Scholesworld wave.

Melos first encounter in the Champions League took place in the 2007/08 semi-finals. In the first round, the two teams played 0-0 in the Nou Camp, and Ronaldo kicked a flying penalty in the first three minutes. Messi played only 62 minutes and was replaced by Bojan. In the second round, Messi and Carlo played the whole game, but the only goal belonged to Scholes, Gingerhead played a wonderful world wave. Ronaldo was dragged into the final by Big Brother when he lost the penalty kick and Manchester United won the final.

A year later, the two teams met in the 2008/09 Champions League final. This time, Messi became the winner. Manchester United started the game with a big attack, but Ronaldo missed the opportunity with Puyols close interference. Slow-moving Barcelona quickly took control of the game and Etoo shook Vidic through the door in the 10th minute. In the 70th minute, Messi scored the most important header in his career by crossing Harvey.

The next and last Champions League match between the two has taken place in the semi-finals of the 10/11 season, when Ronaldo was already wearing Real Madrids robe. In the first round, Real Madrid put on a barrel array at the Bernabeu, but Pepes 61-minute red card gave Barcelona control of the game. Marcelos malicious foul trampled Pedros knee on a bleeding hole, but it was Afelle who replaced Pedro that punished Real Madrid. In 76 minutes, Afelle sent a cross in Marcelos defence, and Messi flew forward and shoveled through the door. At the end of the game, Messi put the ball into the door behind Casillas after five players, and the promotion quota was virtually out of the question. In the second round, the two teams played 1-1 in the Nou Camp, and Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-1 in the total score, and eventually beat Manchester United in the final.

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