For 21 years, CCTV 3.15 evening party has exposed these enterprises and products.

 For 21 years, CCTV 3.15 evening party has exposed these enterprises and products.

3.15 has come, six years of consumer complaints data to see the consumer dimension weight disaster areas.

On March 15, 1991, CCTV broadcasted the first 3.15 evening party, and has successfully hosted 28 evening parties. Every 3.15 Party strives to safeguard consumersrights and interests, standardize market economic order and improve laws and regulations. It exposes the false fraudulent acts of international and domestic enterprises violating consumers rights and interests, and exposes the fraudulent schemes and traps in the new consumption environment.

[3.15 Party Exposure Enterprise Time Line

Particular year


Exposure enterprise


One thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven

The Power of the Century

Samsung Electronics

Difficulties in Maintenance of VCD and TV Sets after Problems

Two thousand and two

Create Good Faith Together We Are Acting

The Third Pharmaceutical Factory of Guangxi Banzeu Pharmaceutical Group

Producing counterfeit drugs under the legal license number

Two thousand and six

Our wishes

European Code company

False propaganda deceives consumers

Two thousand and seven

Responsibility harmony


Nokia 5500 mobile phone keyboard drops off frequently

Two thousand and eight

3.15 Power

Crowd radio

Leaking personal data of mobile phone owners as an important source of spam messages

Two thousand and ten

New Rules and New Motivation


HP V3000 and DV2000 notebook black screen malfunction large-scale outbreak

UT Starcom, Tianshida, Xia Xin, Como and other mobile phones

Mobile phone manufacturers cooperate with SP to design motherboards and set up backdoors on operation schemes. The charging menu is built into the mobile phone, and users are deducted after clicking.


LG, Sony and other foreign brand LCD TV stealth concept, shorten the screen warranty period

Two thousand and eleven

Escorting new consumption


Embezzlement of government subsidies and deception of consumers for up to three years


Suboptimal manufacturing brings serious potential safety hazards

P&G, Morning Light

Using garbage to make paper pulp napkins is dirtier than toilet paper.

Two thousand and twelve

Build honesty with you and me


Illegal operation quick expiration dessert dispensing, packaging and resale

China Telecom

Group Spam Message Selling Information Channel


Sale of expired fresh meat products

China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank

Internal employees are exposed to Hawking customer personal information

Rowe Dunberg Company

Peddling high-end consumer information

Two thousand and thirteen

I am in charge of my rights and interests.


Apple implements different after-sales policies in China compared with developed countries. Double standards are suspected of discrimination.

CHOW Tai Seng

Gold adulteration of Zhou Dashengs brand

Gould map

Gaud Maps Location Sharing Service will collect user information illegally

NetEase mail box

Netease can see the content of usersmail, so as to analyze users habits and send precise advertisements.


Hidden Troubles of Volkswagen Double Clutch Transmission

Jianghuai Automobile

Rust wear of car body caused by unqualified steel plate

Shunfeng, Yunda and Yuantong

Violent sorting of express delivery

Two thousand and fourteen

Make consumption more dignified


Photographs show black spots

Aomeco Milk Powder

Tampering with the shelf life

Datang Telecom

Malicious Deduction and Privacy Stealing

Shenzhen Lemei Road Company

Selling counterfeit and inferior glasses

Guangqi Trading Company

Selling out-of-date food raw materials

Zhejiang Kangnobang Health Products Co., Ltd.

Fish liver oil content exceeded the standard, but became a common food for infants and young children.

Tianjin Lianda and Guangdong Zhongfang

Tampering with Customers Order Price


Baidu search promotion for old Taojia black hair cosmetics to provide four plus V commercial promotion, was approved by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce as serious illegal advertising.

Two thousand and fifteen

Consumption in the sun

Dongfeng Nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and other 4S stores

Making a big profit by overhauling minor illnesses

Land Rover

Frequent transmission failure

China Mobile and China Railcom

Provide support for harassment calls


In order to complete the task of opening cards, Unicom employees secretly retain consumer information to activate the card repeatedly, and then sell the card to card vendors, card vendors to fraudsters.

Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank

Buy another persons ID card online, take ICBC, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank can easily handle the bank card.

Little sheep, sip-feeding and sip-feeding

Duck blood is actually pig blood*


Unqualified Quality Inspection

Two thousand and sixteen

Building a New Ecology of Consumption


Black heart workshop

Car easy shoot

False transaction, opaque transaction price

Taobao, public comment, beauty theory and other platforms

Click farming

Tao Youdao

Pushing Malicious Deduction Procedure

Beijing Beikou Denture Technology Research Co., Ltd. and Beijing Chindou Loyalty Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.

Making dentures with broken steel

Zhengzhou Hengliyuan Food, Chongqing Yuweiyuan Food, Nanning Wuliting Market, Gansu Tianma Ecological Food, Anhui Zhongjun Food, Jiangsu Guangyuan Oil Fat Company

Food sampling is seriously unqualified

Sanli kitchen utensils and OTRON appliances

Sample Inspection of Products Unqualified

Two thousand and seventeen

Gathering the Power of Honesty and Credit with Responsibility

Interactive Encyclopedia

False Advertising Garbage Station

Zhengzhou Keshi Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

Collection of studentsinformation in the name of examination by the Three No Physical Examination Team


Nike Air Cushion Shoes Have No Air Cushion

Wuhan Lebailing Biotechnology Company

Sale of Unqualified Health Products

Wuyin Goods, Yongwang Supermarket

Sales of food in radiation areas of Japan

Two thousand and eighteen

Quality Consumption and Better Life


Volkswagen Touaret Engine Intake Failure Causes Failure to Start

Chengde almond dew and other Shanzhai drinks

Rural Shanzhai beverage is a big problem

COOSKIN cycling

Its a robbery if you cant return the deposit.

Data Source: Network Data Arrangement

In order to facilitate consumers to lodge complaints for 24 hours, the 12315 Internet platforms across the country have provided PC complaint, APP, WeChat applet and public numbers, Alipay small programs and other complaints channels, and opened the consumer disputes online reconciliation (ODR) channel, encouraging and guiding enterprises to negotiate and reconcile with consumers directly on the platform. In 2018, 12.66 million new users were added to the platform, of which 830,000 were authenticated by real name, with annual visits reaching 38.97 million.

[Consulting Appeal for Consumer Complaints and Reporting Over the Years

Data sources: General Administration of Market Supervision, General Administration of Industry and Commerce

In the statistical period from 2013 to 2018, communication equipment and accessories received the most complaints. Five years in the six years were complaints hotspots, accounting for 9.1% of all complaints hotspots. The hotspots next to communication equipment and accessories are Internet services, household appliances, off-site shopping, recreation, clothing, shoes and hats, and residential services, which have appeared four times in six years, accounting for 43.7%.

With the continuous improvement of residentsincome and consumption level, the transformation and upgrading of residents consumption structure has been accelerated, gradually changing from food and clothing type to hedonic type and development type. The consumption structure and consumption environment have undergone tremendous changes. Consumer complaints about upgrades such as cosmetics, cultural, sports and entertainment products and computer equipment are growing rapidly.

The national consumer rights index increased slightly and remained at a high level. Under the overall stable and progressive development of Chinas economy, the consumption environment continues to improve.

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