CCTV 315 Evening Started Live Broadcasting Concern Internet Consumption Security and Other Areas

 CCTV 315 Evening Started Live Broadcasting Concern Internet Consumption Security and Other Areas

CCTVs March 15, 2019 Gala will be broadcast live on CCTVs Finance and Economics Channel at 20:00 on March 15, 2019. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned on the spot that this evening party will focus on the theme of co-governance, sharing, reassuring consumption, focusing on product quality, after-sales service, Internet consumption and other areas of violations of consumer rights and interests.

This years 3.15 party is composed of two parts: survey topic and consumption warning. Investigation topics continue the partys consistent style, continue to expose the underlying rules of relevant industries and consumer markets in violation of the law and tort.

3.15 Party said that the traditional consumer market covers a wide range of areas and is closely related to the daily life of consumers, but also has been a high incidence of consumer torts. This party continued to investigate the production, circulation, consumption and after-sales links of the traditional consumer market and expose the existing problems.

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the relationship between AI, big data and consumers is becoming more and more close, which provides unprecedented convenience for life. At the same time, these new things are also used by illegal elements, and become an important tool to infringe personal privacy and obtain consumer personal information. This evenings focus is on exposure investigation of such issues.

The state has been stricter and stricter in the supervision of Internet-related industries, and has been cracking down on illegal acts harmful to consumersonline consumption. However, some companies and institutions have violated laws and regulations to carry out certain Internet businesses, and even used the network to evade supervision. In the process of operation, such companies set traps and amass huge profits, bringing economic losses and spiritual damage to many consumers. The party will conduct an in-depth investigation.

Are the local eggs sold in supermarkets real or not? Is electronic cigarette harmful? Is there any risk of leakage of APP in mobile phones? The consumption early warning link of this evening party will carry out experiments and tests on the spot, visually display hidden consumer safety risks, and provide practical consumer education and consumer services for consumers.

This years 3.15 evening party will be broadcast live in No. 1 Studio of Fuxing Road Office Area of Central Radio and Television Station to create a new audiovisual experience environment for audiences. As a key project of the whole station, the party was hosted by Chen Weihong, Xie Yingying, Gaobo and Wang Duanduan.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Ji Xueying_NN6784