The Origin of Hot Strips: Hot Eyes in Production Workshop

 The Origin of Hot Strips: Hot Eyes in Production Workshop

Spicy sticks are popular with pupils

CCTV reporters recently saw in the vicinity of Dongjie Primary School, Park Road, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, that in a small shop just one wall away from the school entrance, all kinds of hot strips are sold like this every day. Every time school is over, the shop will be crowded with small customers, choosing all kinds of spicy food. Reporters noted that in order to facilitate sales, these hot strips, no matter what brand, are divided into 5 wool and 1 yuan according to the size of packaging bags. The children picked out the spicy sticks and paid for the food. They knew it was not the first time they had bought the food.

Hot strips are not only the one at the entrance of primary school, but also the one at the entrance of another primary school in Kaifeng.

This is the entrance of Dongjie Primary School, Park Road, Kaifeng City, Henan Province. Two small shops are just a few meters away from the entrance of the school. The stalls of the small shops are surrounded around, almost encircling the school gates.

This is Bianjing Road Primary School in Kaifeng City, Henan Province. Within 20 meters of the school gate, there are four small shops. Hot strips have become the main characters in these stores without exception.

Worried Production Environment of Spicy Strips

In order to know more about the production of hot strips, the reporter came to Gaochang Village, Chengguan Township, Lankao County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, according to the address on the packaging bag of shrimp pulling eggs brand hot strips. After many inquiries, in a field several kilometers away from Gaochang village, the reporter found the enterprise.

Under the leadership of enterprise staff, the reporter entered the food production workshop without any disinfection measures. Just entered the workshop, a strong spicy flavor poured in.

The expanded sphere splashes everywhere on the production line. On the floor of the production workshop, dust and oil seepage from the machine are interwoven. The mixing barrel is also covered with oil, and the pool is a few meters away from the mixer. The walls of the pool are covered with black stains. The white buckets and the edges of the buckets are covered with thick dirt. A drop of water is seeping from the rusty interface of the tap and falling into the bucket below.

The batching workshop is the highest level of confidentiality in this factory. Generally, outsiders are absolutely prohibited from entering. Staff introduced to reporters, whether a hot strip is good for sale, the key is how to deploy a unique taste.

Staff admitted that although the packaging was marked with shrimp and eggs, there were neither shrimp nor eggs in the shrimp pulling eggs hot strip. In addition to flour, it is a variety of seasoning additives.

In the batching workshop, the reporter saw on the ground there were more than a dozen additives of different sizes, such as monoglyceride fatty acids, sucralose, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, preservatives, colorants, preservatives and so on. These additives were mixed and poured into the drum for full stirring, and then mixed into hot strips.

In Daying Town, Yushi County, Kaifeng City, a hot strip factory named Oufei in Tantougao Village is hard to imagine if it did not smell strong hot strips in the doorway. There is no sign in front of it. It looks like there is no difference between the courtyard and the ordinary farmyard, but there are two hot strip manufacturers hidden. Walking into a production workshop, the reporter saw that the ground in front of the extruder was covered with baked dough, and in the distance the ground was scattered with black carbon-like dirt. The machine for delivering hot strips was covered with oil and the production environment was very dirty. The owner, surnamed Ouyang, said that the kiss beef tendons they are producing now sell well.

Spicy Bar Black Factory Cant Be Banned Again and Again

Reporters in the investigation found that since 2015, the state and local food and drug regulatory bureaus have reported hundreds of hot strips, most of which are produced in Henan, Hunan and other places.

This is Pingjiang County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, Hot Strip Origin, Hunan Pingjiang such a striking sign, can be seen everywhere.

This Prince of Love hot strip is produced by Junli Food Factory in Wangu Village, Sanyang Township, Pingjiang County. Reporters in the production workshop saw that the flour was puffed and drawn into silk. Due to the breakdown of the automatic wire drawing machine, the gluten filament was broken in operation and fell to the ground. At this time, a worker grabbed the gluten filament falling on the ground and put it into the machine. During the whole process, the gluten was dragged on the ground continuously, and strict hygienic operation rules for food production formed a blank paper here.

This Gold Taste Bar hot strip is produced by Weiquan Food Company of Futan Village, Anding Town, Pingjiang County. In the packaging workshop, hot strips are piled up on the whole table, and electronic scales, dirty rags and hot strips are piled together. Workers, without masks or gloves, put a pair of greasy hands into a package of spicy strips.

In view of the quality problems such as illegal use of various additives and excessive microbial flora in the production of spicy strips in recent years, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the Notice on the Improvement of Wumao Food on campus and its surrounding areas in April 2018. The food and drug regulatory authorities should strictly investigate and deal with food products that do not meet the food safety standards, such as two super and one non-standard and so on. Illegal acts, resolutely banned unlicensed production of Wumao Food of black pits and black workshops. Those suspected of committing crimes should be transferred to the public security organs in time, and in conjunction with the public security organs, the sales direction of the products involved should be traced, the source of production should be destroyed, and the chain of interests of illegal production and operation of food should be cut off.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Ji Xueying_NN6784