The opening is 6,000 tons of silver! This project cost is equal to 1530 tons of gold.

 The opening is 6,000 tons of silver! This project cost is equal to 1530 tons of gold.

Mushroom Clouds Following the Explosion of the Hiroshima (Left) and Nagasaki (Right) Atomic Bombs

The large-scale explosion scene in Japanese animation has typical nuclear explosion characteristics, especially Dragon Ball.

In 1939, President Roosevelt received a famous letter from Einstein about the enormous power of the atomic bomb. Three years later, he finally decided to start the atomic bomb project code-named Manhattan. This is arguably the largest military project in human history, and its complexity is unprecedented. It covers many cutting-edge fields such as science, military affairs, engineering and so on, and the speed of its advancement is appalling. In just three years, a practical nuclear bomb has been produced. In a simple analogy, a few years ago, a weapon belonging to the field of science fiction became a reality in a twinkling of an eye.

Einstein and his equation of mass energy, energy equals mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light

In addition to the great Einstein and his equation of mass and energy, as well as a number of Nobel Prize winners, 1,000 scientists, nearly 600,000 staff, there is a huge amount of money. Roosevelt granted the Manhattan Plan priority above all else, with almost no upper limit on human, material and financial investment.

Organization chart of the Manhattan Plan, 1 May 1946

The most difficult part of making an atomic bomb was the manufacture of nuclear materials, which had the highest cost. At that time, there were four manufacturing methods, each of which was extremely expensive. But in order to ensure the progress of atomic bomb manufacture, the Americans decided that four methods should be adopted simultaneously. So even if one or two methods fail, there are alternatives to make up for it.

Four manufacturing methods mean four different uranium enrichment plants, supporting research and production bases, and four different scientific research and engineering teams. The cost is much higher than that of a single manufacturing method. For example, in order to make cyclotrons for uranium enrichment, considerable magnetic field coils were needed, which consumed a lot of copper. But copper is also an important military raw material, which is basically used in weapons manufacturing, and domestic stocks are not enough. Then the R&D team came up with a crazy solution. Silver is also a good conductor. Without copper coils, it can simply use silver coils.

An aerial view of Hanford B Reactor in Washington State in 1945, the first industrial-scale plutonium reactor. Library of Congress Photos.

Lieutenant General Groves, the Manhattan Project Manager, sent people to the U.S. Treasury Department and said that the minister borrowed some money to make the envoy. The minister said what did your army borrow money for? Its helpful to answer this question but dont tell you how much the minister asked you to borrow. 6000 tons! (Minister:) By the end of the Manhattan project, a total of 14700 tons of silver will be used! Thats 14.7 million kilograms, 294 million yuan! .

So how much does the whole Manhattan project cost? By December 31, 1945, the total cost was $1.889 billion. At that time, gold in the United States was $35 an ounce, and an ounce equaled 28.35 grams. The cost of the Manhattan Project was converted into 1530 tons of gold!

Gold in the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States in 1959. The Federal Reserve Bank holds 5,000 tons of gold.

In 1945, US military expenditure was 83 billion US dollars, and the Manhattan Project accounted for 2.27% of US annual military expenditure. This year, the GDP of the United States was 228.173 billion US dollars, and the Manhattan Project accounted for 0.8% of the annual GDP of the United States. We should know that Japans Daiwa battleship plan, equivalent to 0.63% of Japans GDP in that year, is already shocking and crazy, but compared with the Manhattan plan, the actual price and the percentage of GDP are far less than insignificant.

The worlds first atomic bomb gadget, its test code is Trinity

The Manhattan Plan not only ended World War II, but also started the coming of the nuclear age of mankind. Its impact is enormous and far-reaching, not to mention the dinosaur-class warships like Dahe. So it is one of the most important military projects in human history, not one of them.

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