Baby is not represented by the international superstar with the US version of vogue.

 Baby is not represented by the international superstar with the US version of vogue.

Angellababy is known as Chinas Kardashian (Source:)

Netease Entertainment reported on March 15 that Angelababy, on behalf of Chinese female stars, appeared on the cover of the American version of vogue. The magazine invites female stars from 14 countries with the theme of superstars from all over the world. Angelababy, an actress, model and singer, is described in the magazine as the Chinese version of Kardashian. Some netizens listed their representative works when they joined Baby on the cover.

American actress Scarlett (representative works Lost in Tokyo, Manway series);

French actress Reya Saidu (spy on disc and 007 series);

Korean actress Pei Douna (representative works of Han River Monster, Cloud Map, Bai Wan Art Festival Queen);

Indian actress Dipika Padukoni (Indian Oscar queen);

Australian actress Elizabeth Debbie (The Great Gatsby);

When introducing Baby, she wrote that her representative work is: Chinese actress Yang Ying (representative work Running Bar Brothers).

Angelababy was the first Chinese actress to appear on the cover of the American version of vogue. Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Manyu and Gongli did not appear on the cover. Thats why netizens expressed their irony.

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Baby is on the American version of vogue (Source:)

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