Women sell Mercedes-Benz for 410,000 yuan to buy a RV and rent a house because they cant afford the Beijing Brand.

 Women sell Mercedes-Benz for 410,000 yuan to buy a RV and rent a house because they cant afford the Beijing Brand.

Life is not only about the present, but also about poetry and distance.

In September 2018, I bought a RV and planned to spend a year traveling to the north and south of the motherland. For her own poetry and distance, she also quit many peoples envious job at the end of 2018, a wayward one. After repeatedly calculating the time, route and buying all the items needed for the RV in advance, we can open it after waiting for our car to be licensed.

However, half a year later, without reaching the poem and the distance, Ms. Wang was trapped by a lovely RV without a Beijing brand.

The embarrassed 410,000-yuan-purchased car cant be transformed into a long-term rental house by Beijing Brand.

In order to buy a RV, Ms. Wang took great pains. Because she had only one license plate, in order to drive the RV and realize her dream, she resolutely sold her Mercedes-Benz E department, which had only run 30,000 kilometers, and freed up the index of Beijing minibus license plate.

Ms. Wang told the Beijing Qingdao newspaper that because the car she needed was a blue C license and a gasoline model, there were not many choices. On the last day of the exhibition, when she finally saw a car with satisfactory conditions on the booth of Huguang Automobile, she resolutely signed a car purchase contract and booked a Huguang small C model car. At that time, the price of the car was 410,000 yuan, and the two sides agreed to deliver the car on November 16, 2018.

However, after the agreed delivery date, Ms. Wang did not mention the present bus. Sales Xiaojiang Tel me that this car cant be licensed in Beijing. Ms. Wang was very surprised when she heard the news and immediately said she wanted to return the deposit. Subsequently, however, the salesperson responded to Ms. Wang, saying that the licensing problem had been properly solved to ensure that the Beijing licence could be issued.

On January 3, 2019, Ms. Wang finally mentioned car love. At 8 p.m. that evening, she drove the small C-car 1359 kilometers and returned to Beijing in 25 hours. On January 11, Ms. Wang took all the car shopping procedures and drove to the Beijing Shunyi Motor Vehicle Testing Station located on Shunyi Districts smooth avenue to go through the licensing formalities. However, the problem that made Ms. Wang feel bad came up at the scene.

The car got stuck in the first environmental procedure before it was checked on line. Ms. Wang said that the staff told her that the model did not declare the environmental protection catalogue of Beijing, and that there was no such model in the system, so she could not obtain the Beijing motor vehicle number plate, and then returned the relevant formalities sent by Ms. Wang.

Five days later, Ms. Wang came to the Shenghua Motor Vehicle Testing Station of Wang Siying, Beijing-Shenyang Expressway in Chaoyang District. The staff made it clear that the vehicle could not be licensed. The reason why the reply is not listed is that there is no small environmental protection in Beijing.

When I bought a car, I communicated with the sales specialist, asking that I must be able to get a Beijing license, and they also promised that I could. Ms. Wang took a screenshot of her communication with the salesperson and told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter.

The car failed to be licensed, and Ms. Wangs dream of traveling around the country was watered out by a basin of cold water before it started. Ms. Wang said that the RV was now placed in the community and became a long-term rental house, while the ground parking space was rented by her for 2,000 yuan a month.

Response: RV Company expresses its willingness to actively cooperate with the withdrawal of the car to compensate up to 20,000 yuan.

On March 12, 2019, the 18th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition opened at Fangshan RV Expo Center in Beijing. Huguang Automobile Company participated in the exhibition again.

On March 12, journalists from Beiqing Daily followed Ms. Wang to the exhibition site in Changyang Town. At the entrance of the companys booth, a reporter from the Beiqing Daily saw that an Ilabo placed by the company showed that a few C-type RVs with a height of 2.5 meters, blue licenses for C licenses and automatic gasoline blocking. When the reporter asked whether the Beijing license could be used, the salesman said Guo 6 can be more than that, and Guo 5 is currently on display.

At the exhibition site, the sales staff of Huguang Company said that Ms. Wangs contract with the distributor, if there is any objection, can take the legal way.

On the scene of the camping exhibition, the staff of its organizer, the 21st Century RV Network, said that they knew about Ms. Wang and Fangshan Market Regulatory Department had intervened. They said they would coordinate the two sides to sit down and talk about Ms. Wangs problems.

On the morning of March 13, Ms. Wang came to the exhibition site again. Accompanied by the organizers of the exhibition, she held consultations with Mr. Han, the head of Huguang RV Company.

Ms. Wang said that her original intention of buying a car was to drive a RV to see the world this year, so she needed the help of the car seller to sign the car and make reasonable compensation for her economic losses. In addition, she called for accountability for false propaganda.

Ms. Wang said that when she watched the car at the auto show last September, it was because the salesperson explained to her and assured her that the car she bought could definitely go to Beijing Brand and that the company would provide various after-sales services that she immediately decided to buy the RV. However, the progress of the follow-up events was quite different from the original promise of the seller.

In response to Ms. Wangs appeal, Mr. Han said that although Ms. Wang signed a contract with the dealer, the company was willing to return the car and compensate 20,000 yuan. It said that the company could send someone to take charge of the licensing, and could help Ms. Wang to go to Langfang licence, so that she could start her journey as soon as possible.

As for the amount of compensation, the company considers that the compensation of 20,000 yuan is the result of coordination with Fangshan market supervision department and Exhibition host. He thinks it is very reasonable and Ms. Wang should not ask for more. If you want to return the car, the company will not hesitate, and if you want to take legal means to safeguard rights, the company will cooperate fully. Mr. Han said.

For Huguangs solution, Ms. Wang said that she could not accept it. If my own car could be licensed, now it is in the nature of mountains and rivers, asking for tea.

Interpretation of Automobile Experts: Whether or not to be licensed and whether to be licensed in Beijing are two concepts

Open data show that although the RV industry and RV tourism in China are still in its infancy, they are developing rapidly. With Ms. Wangs question, the reporter of Beiqing Daily consulted Lu Ying, an automobile expert.

Lu Ying told reporters that the sales of RVs in recent years are quite popular, but RVs and extended cars are the same. The extended vehicle itself is a special vehicle when manufactured by manufacturers. This kind of vehicle will be transformed by qualified factories entrusted by manufacturers or agents according to customer requirements. Therefore, at least two factories cooperate in the production of this special vehicle.

Similarly, the RV is an ordinary car when it leaves the factory. The refitting manufacturer provides its own design requirements to the manufacturer, and receives the driving book, registration certificate and vehicle consistency certificate of the vehicle together with the vehicle. After verification, the refitting begins. The Refitting Factory needs to have a record in the depot to be qualified for refitting.

After refitting, the RV will have two brand names. One is the basic brand name of the original ordinary car manufactured by the manufacturer, including the specific information of the length, width, origin, weight and displacement of the vehicle. The other brand will write the name of the refitting plant, the length and carrying quality of the RV after refitting. These two brands will follow the vehicle from the factory to the scrap.

Lu Ying said that if the emission standards of the cars purchased by Ms. Wang are not up to the standard, the car dealers themselves should be clear about whether the environmental protection standards of the vehicles are up to the standard. Knowing that they cant go to the Beijing brand, they should inform the consumers that they can go to the Beijing brand, which leads to the failure of consumers to reach their consumption demands. There is a serious fraud among the car dealers, and this kind of behavior should be intervened by the industrial and commercial departments.

Beijing has its own local standards. Whether a RV can get the Beijing Brand or not depends on whether the RV can be put on the list of environmental protection assessment in Beijing. If it is not recorded, it will be impossible to get the Beijing Brand if the exhaust emission of the RV is not up to the standard.

In response to Ms. Wangs situation, Lu Ying suggested: The easiest way to solve this problem is to withdraw it immediately and save time and energy. If the manufacturer can commit to a certain time, such as within a month to record the car on the environmental protection assessment list in Beijing, then the owner can wait, otherwise it is a waste of time.

After getting out of the car, she will buy another model of car that can be licensed. There are still many models and stock available on the market, which will enable her to quickly solve the current problems and start her own journey. Lu Ying said.

Speaking of how consumers can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests when buying RV, Lu Ying believes that the contract signed by consumers and regular stores is the only certificate. The contract must write out all the requirements, such as confirming the agreement of licensing and breach of contract clauses, and then sign after confirming that the contract can safeguard their interests.

I hope that our consumers will be more straightforward, buy cars and after-sales services, in addition to signing the contract provided by the car factory, but also to add a contract to safeguard their rights and interests, if the business does not agree, then change a shop.

Xiaohua Brother, a RV commentator, told the Beijing Qingdao newspaper that, regardless of the after-sale behavior, it is one of the routines in RV sales. Sellers can not refund the deposit of consumers when they sell RV. This amount is tens of thousands, more than 100,000.

Therefore, once the deposit is paid by the consumers, they will almost certainly drive, otherwise they will bear a great economic loss, and the problems of license plate and purchase tax after the car need to be solved by the owners themselves. In addition to the contract, the manufacturers can no longer be responsible. Whether the car can be licensed and whether it can be licensed are two problems. As long as the vehicle has no quality problems, license plate is definitely acceptable. So, whether we can get the Beijing brand or not depends on whether the models we buy are listed in the Beijing environmental protection evaluation list.

According to Xiaohua Ge, similar situations are common in the RV industry, and more than one brand accident occurs. This is not a bright spot in the RV industry, the public should also understand these situations.

Lawyer: Consumers have the right to ask the merchant to return the car and pay for the loss.

In an interview with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng, a law firm in Beijing, said that the case belonged to a dispute over sales contracts. The focus of the dispute was that the environmental protection standards of the houses and cars purchased by consumers did not meet the standards of Beijing, which led to consumers having no way to license in Beijing. Whether consumers could ask for rescission of the contract, requiring retailers to return their cars and compensate for losses.

First of all, it depends on the agreement between the consumer and the merchant vehicle sales contract. For the manufacturer or the agent, if the contract between the two parties has been clearly agreed to ensure that the vehicle meets the environmental protection standards of Beijing, it can be licensed in Beijing.

After the consumers pick up their cars, they find that the environmental protection standards of the vehicles do not meet the requirements of the Beijing Vehicle Administration Department for registration and licensing, which obviously belongs to the breach of contract by the businessmen. The consumers can ask the businessmen to assume the responsibility for breach of contract, ask for refund of the vehicles, and compensate for the reasonable losses caused by the breach.

However, if in the sales contract, the merchant has not promised in the contract that the vehicle can be licensed in Beijing, but has promised orally, as long as consumers can prove, they can still ask the merchant to bear the responsibility. Lawyer Zhou advised consumers to prepare evidence such as car purchase contracts, telephone recordings or text messages, and Wechat during the transaction. They may directly consult with businesses or complain to relevant departments or bring a suit in a peoples court.

In addition, for automobile enterprises or agents, to be responsible and conscientious enterprises, when signing car purchase contracts with consumers, they must fulfill the obligation of prompting or make clear the disputes in the contract. Never use their advantages to mislead consumers in the format contract. For businesses in the process of trading, do not in order to promote sales, conceal the truth, infringe on consumersright to know. If there is evidence to prove that the merchants cheat consumers, the introduction of vehicles does not correspond to the actual situation of vehicles, and the important information in the transaction is concealed, it belongs to the fraudulent act of concealing the truth in the contract law. Consumers also have the right to request cancellation of contracts.

Lawyer Zhou said that driving a RV to travel is a dream of many people. But consumers should avoid impulse consumption. After all, buying such an expensive RV is not buying cabbage. Before concluding a contract or making payment, the Seller shall have the right to ask the seller to show all the legal compliance procedures of the vehicle and to verify them at the same time, or to ask the local vehicle management department whether the vehicle can be licensed legally in the locality and whether it can be driven on the road, so as to avoid disputes in the future.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Ji Xueying_NN6784