Women steal money from their sick friends to get bail for their childrens treatment: never do silly things again

 Women steal money from their sick friends to get bail for their childrens treatment: never do silly things again

I will never do such a silly thing again. On March 15, Li Fang, a woman caught stealing a sick friend in Beijing Childrens Hospital, shed tears of regret. After half a months detention, Li Fang was released on bail yesterday. After regaining her freedom, Li Fangs first thing was to find the owner who had been stolen half a month ago, to say Im sorry to the other party, and to thank the volunteers who helped them in the most difficult time of their family.

Mother was baffled and awaited trial on bail yesterday

In January 2019, 8-year-old Xiaoyu and 16-year-old sister Han Jing came to Beijing Childrens Hospital together with their parents. After blood and B-ultrasound examination, Xiaoyu with abdominal pain was finally diagnosed as neuroblastoma.

Li Fangs husband, Han Qing, told the Beijing Qingdao newspaper that at about 5 p.m. on February 28, after going out to raise money, he learned that his wife had stolen more than 18,000 yuan from others and was caught, so he rushed to the hospital police office to find out. Li Fang, who was arrested for theft, was bailed out by the police on the night of March 14.

On the morning of March 15, when the reporter contacted Li Fang by telephone, she had been working with her husband in the childrens hospital all morning for the childs condition. They hoped to find a hospital bed as soon as possible, arrange for the son to be hospitalized for the second chemotherapy.

Speaking of her foolish behavior, Li Fang regretted it very much. She said that after she regained her freedom, the first thing she wanted to do was to find the patient to apologize.

Dialogue:After stealing money for an hour, I didnt dare to move.

Beiqing Daily: When did you come out of the detention house? What procedures have you gone through?

Li Fang: After I was arrested, I was detained criminally. Last night, I received a notice from the police that according to the relevant regulations, my family could handle the bail pending trial procedure for me. After that, he followed his husband home around 11 p.m. on March 14. At present, it must be turned on 24 hours, waiting for the police to call at any time.

Beiqing Daily: Childrens hospitals are full of friends who come to see a doctor with their children. Why do you reach out to them?

Li Fang: At that time, when the child was lying in the hospital bed crying and sweating, I had tens of dollars left in my pocket. Even tomorrows meal and rental became a problem. I felt very uncomfortable, and my brain was confused. This made me confused... After stealing money, he held it for an hour without daring to move.

Beiqing Daily: Who stole it? Have you thought about the consequences of being caught?

Li Fang: It was actually a roommate who was stolen. The bed was adjacent. I remember a family from Shanxi. The woman was in her fifties, with an 8-year-old daughter. She also found a tumor on her child. I took two stacks of children from her bag and had no time to count how much money she had.

Theres no regret medicine in the world, but I want to apologize.

Beiqing Daily: Do you regret doing this? Would you do that again?

Li Fang: I regret my death. Although there is no regret medicine in the world, I want to apologize to the victim and say Im sorry. So Im helping my child find a bed in the hospital and looking for the victims family. If such a thing happened again in the future, it would certainly not do so.

Beiqing Daily: Whats the economic situation at home now?

Li Fang: Mules and donkeys are sold at home. If those houses could be sold, we would sell them, too. There are still more than 10 sheep in the sheepfold, which were distributed to the grandmother and uncle of the children by the government to help the poor, because the little uncle can do nothing else but graze sheep.

Beiqing Daily: Do you have any loving people to help you now?

Li Fang: I really didnt expect to meet a lot of good-hearted people when I came to Beijing. Now loving volunteers are helping to raise funds. I want to thank them.

Care agencies have opened channels for fund-raising

At present, after hearing about Xiaoyus family, the Institute feels that although parents make mistakes, children need help. The Center for Concentric Social Work Development, as the initiator, has started online fund-raising on stage for three months with a target of 600,000 yuan. The specific amount of fund-raising that can be achieved still needs to be determined by the follow-up development.

Shao Jianshu said that after loving people browse the relevant information through the web page, donations will be entered into the account of the China Welfare Foundation. When patients need donations, donations will be entered into the account of the helpers by the Foundation. If the donation is not used up, the money will be used for other needy helpers. (Xiaoyus family is a pseudonym)

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Ji Xueying_NN6784