The New Zealand shooter claimed revenge for the 11-year-old girl

 The New Zealand shooter claimed revenge for the 11-year-old girl

Forty-nine people were killed Sunday in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealands largest city on the South Island.

Anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, CNN commented on a 73-page self-report circulated online about suspected New Zealand gunmen.

Just hours ago, two mosques in Christchurch, the largest city on New Zealands South Island, were shot viciously. According to CNNs latest news, 49 people have been killed in the incident. Police said they had arrested four people, including three men and one woman, one of whom was identified as an Australian citizen.

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New Zealand Prime Minister Aden announced that today will be one of the darkest days in the countrys history, and characterized the incident as a terrorist attack.

New Zealand Prime Minister Adrian attended the conference (live screenshot)

Earlier, according to local media reports in New Zealand, several witnesses saw a man wearing black clothes enter the mosque with a gun and fired nearly 50 shots, and fled the scene before the police arrived.

Meanwhile, there was a live broadcast of the whole process of the suspected gunman, Brenton Tarrant, an Australian white man.

Brenton Tarant (live video screenshot)

According to the Australian News Networks self-report published online, Tarant is an ordinary white man, 28 years old, from low-income families in Australia. He declared that the purpose of the massacre was to tell the aggressors that the land would never be theirs. He even said, As long as the white people have one breath, they will never allow their homes to be conquered and the aggressors will never replace us.

Discovery Site (Photo Source: Reuters)

Tarant also revealed in his autobiography that he spent two years planning the attack and three months ago made a decision to implement the plan in Christchurch. He said New Zealand was not the first choice to attack, but its diverse environment was similar to that of Western countries.

Islamic slaves took millions of Europeanslives from our land and thousands of Europeans died in terrorist attacks, he declared in his self-statement, an act of revenge for thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders.

He also claimed it was revenge for the 11-year-old girl who died in the violent terrorist attacks in Stockholm in 2017. Eba died at the hands of these invaders. The stigma of violence and my incompetence smashed my cynicism like a hammer. I can no longer ignore these facts.

Ebba Map

The Australian News Network noted that Tarants social media Avatar was a victim of a terrorist attack in Nice on National Day 2016, taken by Reuters photographer Eric Gallard.

But according to CNN, Facebook spokeswoman Mia Galick of New Zealand said Facebook and Instagram accounts and videos suspected of being gunmen had been deleted. New Zealand police subsequently tweeted to appeal to netizens not to continue to spread the video, which has been circulated online.

Shortly after the incident, Australian Prime Minister Morrison held a press conference in Sydney to confirm that at least one of the gunmen was an Australian citizen. He also strongly condemned the attackers as an extremist, a far-right violent terrorist.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison held a press conference in Sydney (live video screenshot)

FANNAI: After the shooting, explosions broke out at New Zealand Railway Station.

According to the New Zealand Herald, two suspicious backpacks were found near Britomart Railway Station in Auckland, New Zealands largest city, around 7 p.m. local time, and armed police went to dispose of them.

Reported that when two suspicious backpacks were found, the police carried out active disposal of them. Police used bomb disposal robots to dispose of the two backpacks and alerted the scene. Subsequently, the public heard the explosion.

(knapsack map)

New Zealand police later confirmed that at least one controlled explosion had occurred, the Daily Mail reported. Police also revealed that the inspection found that the two backpacks were equipped with scaffolding and other equipment, not suspicious.

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According to the BBC, the Britomart Railway Station is still open.

Auckland police also confirmed that the controlled explosion in downtown Auckland had nothing to do with the shooting in Christchurch that day.

Auckland Police Commissioner Karin Malthus introduced the situation. The police prevented the cordon in the vicinity and notified the Defense Forces. Not long ago, as a precaution, the National Defense Forces controlled the explosion of backpacks, and the problem has been solved.

The police can confirm that the backpacks are not suspicious and contain scaffolding equipment, Malthus added.

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