Families of some of the 157 people killed in the Egyptian air crash will sue Boeing

 Families of some of the 157 people killed in the Egyptian air crash will sue Boeing

A total of 157 passengers and crew members were killed in the crash of Essy Airliner on March 10. From the crash of Lion Airlines Boeing 737-8 in October last year to the crash of Essex Airlines Boeing 737-8 on March 10 this year, in less than five months, two air crashes occurred on the same type of airliner, which pushed Boeing to the top of the storm. At present, some of the families of the victims of Aerospace crash have entrusted lawyers to bring a lawsuit against Boeing.

American civil litigation lawyer Thomas Girardi told CCTV reporters Thursday that he had filed a lawsuit against Boeing on behalf of more than a dozen family members of Lion Airlines victims who believed there was a problem with the control system installed on the plane. After the Ethiopian air crash, some families of the victims will also sue Boeing through Thomas Girardi.

Talking about the two crashes, Thomas Girardi said he believed Boeing was responsible.

Thomas Girardi, the attorney representing the family members of the victims of the Ethiopian air crash: We should know where the hidden danger lies before the first air crash. We did some tests and there was some evidence. Believe me, they know about the air crash case. They did not immediately stop flying this type of aircraft to ensure that there would be no more air crashes. Maybe for commercial reasons, its disgraceful that airplanes still take people off. Even though many countries have banned flights, Boeing still says the aircraft is safe and they have commercial considerations. Even though there have been two air crashes, not one. We all know that the results of the analysis show that there are similarities between the two crashes. The pilots lost control of the aircraft just after takeoff.

Thomas Girardi also told reporters that the investigation and lawsuit they launched was to avoid more similar incidents in the future. Deng Hong, an American Chinese lawyer who helped Girardi deal with the case, believes that Boeing may be sentenced to pay punitive damages in the case of the Aerospace crash.

Chinese-American lawyer Deng Hong: When the second incident happened, Boeing was more responsible. When the first accident happened, Boeing did not take timely and further measures, and let the second happen. During this period, Boeing continued to let its aircraft fly, that is, ignoring its own safety. American jurors may award a punitive damages.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of CCTV News Mobile Network