Li Zongpanxian Pig Hand Teacher and Girl Video Picked Girls Time Yuner was attacked buttocks*

 Li Zongpanxian Pig Hand Teacher and Girl Video Picked Girls Time Yuner was attacked buttocks*

NetEase entertainment March 15 reported that according to Taiwanese media reports, CNBLUE member Li Zongxuan yesterday (14) was revealed that it is victory, Zheng Junying group of fifth women, the Internet also began to heat Li Zongxuan suspected sexual harassment in the past, someone has dug up his past suspected openly on the platform to spread the salty pig hand to touch the hemisphere, some people turned out his past buttocks young girl Yoona video, attracted a lot of Fans are angry.

Yesterday, Li Zongpan was exposed in the group of pornographic films by SBS. It is obvious that he asked Zheng Junying to introduce women, Hand over women, like XXX of OO, or I did XXX with OO yesterday, Do not you have the kind of young, beautiful and kind, just play with it. In this regard, Li Zongpans brokerage company said, because Li Zongpan quit the group early, said to him. If you are not impressed, you will make a statement denying it before, but you will not mention whether you want to retire or retire from the Performing Arts circle.

In this regard, netizens turned out that Li Zongpan had been in FNC entertainment Family Concert in the past, the teacher sister AOA Huijing openly attacked the chest, it can be seen that he suddenly stretched out his left hand through Huijing left hand touching the upper left chest, and then was shot by Huijing, another video is Li Zongpan on the stage near Yonger, the woman feels bumped buttocks, panicked back, Li Zongpan suspected to come forward again to explain that it was accidental encounter, screenshot fever. According to biography, netizens responded: It must be more exaggerated in public, privately, proving once again that Koreans are really good at packaging Obamas, Women in Korea are really weak enough.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hanchong_NBJ11345