Really become MVP! Wang Zhelin, the man who quits Coke cant be offended by you

 Really become MVP! Wang Zhelin, the man who quits Coke cant be offended by you

That year was the second year Yao Ming officially announced his retirement. As a new generation of flag bearers in Chinese mens basketball team, Yi Jianlians future in the NBA is not optimistic. When the totem exits, people always hope that later generations will come forward and take over their clothes. The endless emergence of XX successors is the projection of this mentality in reality. At that time, Chinese fans were still eagerly looking forward to the appearance of Yao Mings successor.

Wang Zhelin Introduces herself

In this context, Wang Zhelin, who was 18 years old at that time, was born in Hengkong. Although he introduced himself with a slightly restrained and mischievous manner, he was a child. At the Nike Basketball Summit in 2012, elites gathered and Gary Harris, Shabaz Mohammed, Noel, Wiggins, Sharich and others appeared. So, Wang Zhelin still cut 19 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. He not only played the best performance of Chinese players in the competition - no matter with Vickins or Sharich, but also helped the world team defeat the U.S. team 84-75. News returned home, public opinion boiling, followed by a media, fans and even industry people carnival.

At that time, China was about to enter the era of Web 2.0 characterized by UGC (User Production Content). Portal websites were horse racing enclosure. Social media such as micro-blog and post bar were in the ascendant. The rapid decline of traditional media in a few years was also flourishing in the spring and autumn, which created conditions for Wang Zhelins rising popularity. This condition is not possessed by Wang Zhizhi, Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian, and has never been experienced by an 18-year-old Chinese basketball teenager. What Wang Zhelin is facing is an unprecedented situation.

Chinese media coverage of Wang Zhelin, in those reports, Wang Zhelin became the leader of the world team, while in the same period of foreign media coverage, Wiggins led is the absolute mainstream; two caps overturned the Rose Garden, basketball deterrence super-giant Jun League, shocked the United States... __________ Exaggeration has become an important yardstick to measure the quality of a report; a more advanced approach is to use foreigners to enhance the authority. These direct quotations may be only a few words of a foreign report, or their authors are just an influx of foreign media, but it does not matter; as for the title, it is Yao Ming successor, Avatar... There are numerous examples; whats more, Wang Zhelin has started planning his home in the NBA - to the Rockets or to the Spurs?

So, when Wang Zhelin finally got rid of the negative side in the seventh season of his career and all kinds of media flattery came again, he still felt: The flattery now is nothing compared with the flattery of that year.

Calm voice is not absent, for example, a commentary in Peoples Daily wrote: Thewin-winis likely to follow thestick-kill. What they have in common is to determine a young player in an extreme way. The chain reaction is that young players lack a tolerant growth environment. This tolerance means allowing him to make mistakes, to rise and fall, to fail more than to win. These are far more valuable than calling him whos next and whos next. But similar sounds, like stones thrown into the abyss, were soon obliterated.

At the age of 18, Wang Zhelin, when his world outlook was not yet formed, was confused by the times and was soon thrown away again. He went to sports school since he was 11 years old. He lacked enough psychological construction to become famous. He suddenly became popular. He felt that everything was simple and everything would happen spontaneously. So one day, when difficulties came down like mountains, he was soon at a loss.

At that time it was blown like a god going down to earth. Now think about it, its really not good for young people. Wang Zhelin told Netease Sports, No matter how mature you are, after all, you are still new and have not touched anything. I think (but everything) is a young child, mentality will change. In that state, it is easy to think about everything, simple to think about everything, never thought about how to deal with difficulties in the future, has always felt that the sailing will go smoothly, at that time it was too young.

Before the age of 22, Wang Zhelin had never met any mountain. He grew up in a basketball family and had a rich family. He never had to worry about material life. His basketball career was too smooth. The obstacles that he could easily get through on tiptoe were at best dunes: when he was tired in sports school, he gritted his teeth and passed through; when the skills of the National Youth Team were not as good as others, he came to the court an hour earlier to practice. In a very short period of time, from not very good at playing to suddenly popping up (Arhatic); in the first two seasons of CBA, two pairs of data were as common and relaxed as breathing for him - indeed in the outside world - to become the seventh local player in the history of CBA in a single season of 20 + 10.

Editor: It is worth mentioning that only 7 of the local players in CBA history have played 20 + 10 times in a single season. Wang Zhelin alone has dominated 6 times, laughing arrogantly. )

Wang Zhelins 20+10 has gradually caused aesthetic fatigue to the fans. When he routinely gets excellent data and watches the team lose, his figure and technical shortcomings are exposed to the strong enemies one after another. The fansattitude towards him has changed from initial enthusiasm to later disappointment, and a crisis is brewing quietly. Soon, his downturn at the Asian Championships in 2015 became the trigger of the crisis.

Frequent iron strike with Korean team in the fourth quarter

It was a shame battle for the Chinese mens basketball team, but it was a cruel battle for Wang Zhelin. Many players raised their eyebrows in Changsha, while Wang Zhelin was in the dusty face of Changsha. According to his league data, Yi Jianlian should have become the right and left hand in the interior. As a result, he only contributed 6.6 points and 3.7 rebounds per game, ranking seventh in the whole team, with a shooting rate of less than 50%. Group game first battle to fight Singapore, he was the other side of 1 meters 88 small cap, attracted countless Tucao. In World War II against Korea, he scored only five points in one of his five shots, which was a thorough pillar of humiliation. After all, Korea is not only an athletic rival to China.

People hold him as high as they hold him in the first place, and then step on him as hard as they can. Waste, Softfoot Crab, Rough Technology, Brainless... All kinds of criticism and ridicule have been attacked intensively, which is not only polite in speech, but also indifferent to personal attacks. Three years ago, he was still the proud son of heaven, enjoying the treatment of celebrities holding the moon. Three years later, he has been pointed out by thousands of people. He was puzzled by the huge drop. If I cant exert the greatest energy because of injury, the feeling of being misunderstood makes me grieving. Wang Zhelin told Netease Sports. Unable to be disturbed by abuse, he emptied his micro-blog, stayed away from social media, and ignored the abuse.

Before he was 22 years old, he had never met any mountain. Now, a mountain called cyber violence has come out of nowhere, standing in front of him.

In fact, Wang Zhelin has suffered knee pain since the 2014-2015 season. In a warm-up match between the National Team and Shanxi Mens Basketball Team during the off-season, his knee was injured again, but in order not to affect the preparation of the national team, he kept grinding his teeth. After the second Asian Championship, knee injuries broke out in an all-round way. The back is getting worse and worse. Running is lame, and the left leg is too weak to jump up at all. Wang Zhelin said.

During the 2015-2016 season, Wang Zhelin spent more than half of his time recovering from injuries.

Until the start of the 2015-2016 season, Wang Zhelin was still in Beijing for treatment. Nevertheless, the new season is still stumbling on the road, he hesitated to say to the media: This year we must experience the feeling of the playoffs. It turned out to be contrary to expectations. Shortly after the start of the season, Wang Zhelin found that his left leg was two laps smaller than his right leg. Only after the pain, did he find something wrong. After investigation, his left leg muscle has been seriously atrophied, in addition to accompanied by severe inflammation of the left knee joint. This (knee) injury should have fallen last year, it was just a little pain, I didnt care too much, I just felt that the activity had started. When the Asian Championship began, it broke out suddenly and could not work hard at all. Wang Zhelin deduced.

That season, Wang Zhelin finished the first six rounds because of injury truce. A short comeback in more than a month, after three games of season reimbursement, began a long recovery. In these nine games, he averaged only 11.3 points and 6.8 rebounds per game, with a hitting rate of 50.7% as low as his career. The Kings whole year of 2015 is full of tragedy. It seems that there will be another story about Shang Zhongyong in Chinese basketball circle. At the beginning, the praise of the media and fans is more like that kind of bad irony.

He thought that after the Nike Basketball Summit there would be a smooth road. Nowadays, he has to learn from his pains, rethink and plan his career. At the same time, he has to break some bad habits and form some good habits.

In order to lighten the burden on his knees, Wang Zhelin began a hard way to lose weight. He took the lead in quitting carbonated drinks and juices he had enjoyed since childhood. Then he began to miss the feeling of bubbles sliding through his throat. From drinking one or two cans a day to quitting abruptly, he seemed to have a slight withdrawal reaction. However, he soon found a healthy and harmless alternative - soda water, before the soda water can not be drunk, it does not taste, it is difficult to eat, but you have to adapt to this kind of thing, and then drink it and feel good to drink. Wang Zhelin said. For nearly three years since then, he has never touched any carbonated drinks, and even fruit juice (never touched during weight loss) is only a small intake, not to satisfy his appetite, but to supplement the energy and vitamins he needs.

Kungfu pays no attention. Wang Zhelin has lost 30 kilograms in two months. His weight is the same as when he was just promoted to the first team. At that time, there was a physical coach supervising me, and it was very difficult for me to endure alone. Sometimes I just couldnt stand it, Wang told Netease Sports. The previous month was very uncomfortable, and I didnt feel it after I formed a habit. After all, there was no intensive training at that time, which might be more stringent than the NBA standards.

The suffering of other means of rehabilitation can be imagined, and it goes without saying.

Wang Zhelins English name is Change, which means change. The name comes from a setback in his life when he was 17 years old. He took the opportunity to make changes in his life and on the court. There was no evidence of the change, but the change in 2016 was obvious.

On July 22, 2016, Wang Zhelin posted three words Come back on Weibo and posted a recent photo of himself, announcing his return to social media. The reason for this is, because later I think there are still a lot of fans like me, or want to see me, I can not live up to those fans who like me. Wang Zhelin said.

Face Shape Contrast before and after Weight Loss

At that time, few people may have noticed that the line of the Kings face after weight loss was much tougher than in the past. After more than a year of hardening, he gained a new life both physically and psychologically. Previously, to say goodbye to Weibo was to gamble with oneself, and to choose to return was to reconcile with oneself --- and to reconcile with abuse at the same time.

After many years of reviewing the cyber siege, Wang Zhelin has been quiet and light. After that, the biggest change is the mentality, I will not be affected by these things again. In the face of abuse, they can adjust themselves and concentrate on playing their own ball on the court.

In the 2017-2018 season, Wang Zhelin, who recovered from his CBA career, ushered in the seventh coach of his CBA career, Fan Bin, a fierce coach known for his strictness, who still failed to lead Fujian into the playoffs. For Wang Zhelin himself, the persuasive power of 20 + 10 in front of the public opinion is about 0. In addition to enduring the previous abuse, another one was added that season - wash, cut and blow. Fans believe that Wang Zhelins frequent changes in hairstyle and hair color are the irrefutable evidence of his failure to do business.

During the off-season of 2018, Fujian Mens Basketball Team, which has three top local scorers, Wang Zhelin, Zhao Tailong and Chen Linjian, has become a chicken rib and a mess in the eyes of outsiders. Jinjiang, a county-level city only 5.3 nautical miles away from Jinmen, has a land area of 649 square kilometers and a permanent population of 2111,000 in 2018. It is too small to bear the provinces basketball ambitions. However, Fujian mens basketball team ancestors have also been broad, Gong Songlin, Zhu Shilong era, they are regular playoff tourists. Famous sociologist Fei Xiaotong once said that the majority of overseas Chinese in Jinjiang had a strong desire to change the poverty situation and become rich, but what about the Fujian Mens Basketball Team? It seems that we have lost this desire to add wings to Jinjiangs economy. Instead of fighting and winning, we are wealthy and safe. If this is the case, there will be no reverse attack this season.

In September 2018, Zhu Shilong was appointed as Fujians commander-in-chief for the third time in danger. His previous two firefighting experiences ended badly, so at the beginning of his term, not many people looked up to him. But one of the most remarkable changes is that this time he has enough time to prepare.

This year, Zhu Dao (successful) is very familiar with us. He has been working as an assistant in Fujian Team since he retired. He knows more about us than any coach. He knows our personality, our personal abilities, what we like to do, and when we arrange tactics and training, he can carry out our favorite playing methods and find out the advantages of everyone. He is the most suitable coach for Fujian Team. Wang Zhelin told Netease Sports. Zhu Shilong united his team to make Fujian team not only strong on paper, but also a relationship of mutual achievement.

Some people are born leaders, they are generous and emotional, their speeches are full of appeal, while others are not good at talking, emotional restraint, chemical reactions between them and teammates, take time to accumulate, these people often grow into leaders. When Wang Zhelin first entered the sports school, he was a little bored, even now, Wang Zhelin admits that he is not very good at expressing himself. People who know me well know that I am not talking too many people in the team.

Maybe in many peoples definitions, leaders are people who must bring people together to say a lot and point out every problem. Wang Zhelin said, I dont think thats the only way to be a leader. Sometimes, in familiar situations, you dont have to say that you know what to do with one eye and one movement.

In many peoples eyes, Kings season seems to have suddenly broken through the two veins of Ren Du, unprecedented progress. Indeed, he averaged 24.3 points and 13.7 rebounds per game, both of which set career highs, while also leading all local players. Blocks and assists are both career highs.

In fact, after careful study, you will find that his playing style has not changed, still dominated by the interior line, with very few mid-shots and a significant increase in three points compared with previous years, but it has not become his conventional weapon, even the free throw shooting rate and shooting rate are not the best performance of his life. In other words, on the technical level, the king is still the king, but before Fujian teams record is not ideal, low attention, his dominance has been ignored.

Fujian is a province with less developed media, and Fujian team loses more and wins less, so in recent seasons, the traditional media that insists on long-term follow-up coverage of Fujian mens basketball team is only Jinjiang Economic Daily, let alone the national media.

From a higher perspective: Baidu Index shows the degree of Internet usersattention to keyword search and its continuous change. Compared with Guo Allen of the same era, the Baidu Index of Wang Zhelin can be said to have taken a roller coaster. At the beginning of the basketball summit with Nike, the overall daily average of Wang Zhelin was close to three times that of Guo Shao. Over time, Fujian teams record was not improved. Wang Zhelin also kept falling behind, which was less than one third of Guo Allens last season.

When the results of the war recovered and became the focus of the outside world, Wang Zhelins dominance and spiritual outlook on the field were once again observed under the microscope. He drives the ball like a guard, he doesnt lose foreign aid in singles, his footsteps are fantastic. There are many similar praises, but he has played like this for a long time.

If we have to say progress, Wang Zhelin would like to attribute the teams progress to everyones progress. This years achievements are certainly not my own credit, after all, I can not play five games one by one, is the result of the efforts of the club, the coaching team and all the players. The next step is his personal progress. After playing for so many years, everyone knows each other better. The coach is also a very important point. He makes me more confident on the court, more confident in me, and let me do more things. In my eyes, it is easier and more customary to get 20 + 10 data every year. This years change is, or can do this, in other areas can also lead the team, assists, defense, blocking ah, victory follows.

Perhaps its a bit fantastic to say that the main players in a national team, the 20 + 10 killer, are also lacking in self-confidence? Indeed, when a person is in the infinite circle of failure, it is easy to doubt himself, let alone Wang Zhelin is facing tremendous pressure from public opinion. It used to be self-confidence, but in self-confidence, there was a lack of the feeling of wanting to lead everyone to win the game. Wang Zhelin said, Confidence is easy to say in your mouth, but when you do that, you may not be able to do it, and your mentality will change. I think (self-confidence) is a cumulative process, not necessarily accumulated this year, but also may be accumulated in the past six or seven years, but slowly erupted this year.

So later, you can see that when he faced the tough foreign aid Thompson of Sichuan, he took out the momentum of swallowing his opponent alive and stripping him alive, and made the old warrior lose his temper by stealing again and again. In this game, he contributed five times to break the career record. The scene reminds us of his cruel fight against his old friend Hadadi at the Asian Games in Jakarta.

On the evening of the playoff lock-in, Wang Zhelin posted a processed screenshot of Huang Rihuas version of Tianlong Babu on Weibo. Qiao Fengs classic line was changed to You all go together, Im in a hurry with someone. Self-ridiculous expression can not hide his desire for the playoffs.

He became a beloved again, looking back on the praise he received in 2012, he said: At that time, people praised him and thought that he was not bad. Like the rookie wall, I have experienced the transition from high to low and then to high, and I feel very flat. I think if you praise you any more, you can know what you are. I still have a long way to go from the best and many shortcomings. I wont blindly feel good about myself. Now I can clearly understand myself.

He knows that scolding has been going on, but he will no longer choose to escape as he did in 2015, but will kiss the scolding in return. Now Id love to see what youve said to me - theres still abuse, but Ive passed that stage. Seeing these things, I think its interesting and they sometimes make sense.

Lets imagine what it would be like to equip Lamborghini with Charlies engine. What would it be like to give a player with top technical and physical talent an immature heart? There is probably no difference between the two scenarios.

Seven years ago, Wang Zhelins body, technology and fame took the lead in maturing, but his mentality was still a childs mentality. Nowadays, his maturity of mind catches up. He is practical but not sophisticated, tough but not rash.

Illustration: Cao Shengcheng

Source: Netease Sports Author: Zhao Huanyu Responsible Editor: Zhao Huanyu_NBJ10043