A middle school student in Xian was assaulted by several minors by the police: the two sides have reconciled

 A middle school student in Xian was assaulted by several minors by the police: the two sides have reconciled

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A middle school student in Xian was assaulted by several minors by the police: the two sides have reached a reconciliation (source:)

On March 14, a video of a suspected high school student violence in Xian was hot on the Internet.

Online video showed that four or five students blocked a boy in the corner of the stairs and beat him with their feet, knees, sticks and belts. The boy was knocked down and huddled up without any counter-attack. A stick was interrupted. At the end of the video, a man shouted What are you doing?

The video lasts 54 seconds, and boys have been hit at least 50 times, mostly in the upper body or head. In the video, the wall of the corridor appears the words Welcome to QianGao Picture and Text Express Printing.

_Screenshots of webcast video.

On March 14, after the Qiangao Tuwen Campus Violence Event video became popular on the Internet, netizens searched for video content information and found that the video might have occurred in Xian. After the upstream news retrieval, it was judged that the place of occurrence was Weiyang District of Xian City.

On March 15, the staff of the non-central branch of Xian Public Security Bureau also confirmed this statement. The staff member said that the incident happened in January this year, the public security and schools have mediated the parents of the students involved and reached an understanding, I do not know what reason it was posted online again. The police have criticized and educated the students involved because of their involvement in minors.

Source: Shi Jianle_NBJ11331, responsible editor of upstream news of Chongqing Morning Post