The highest speed is 193 kilometers per hour! US Special Forces will test Flying Backpack

 The highest speed is 193 kilometers per hour! US Special Forces will test Flying Backpack

Reference News Network reported on March 15 that Spains News website reported on March 10 that so far, only movies have given people a clear impression of using the flying backpack equipment. The most prominent appearance of the flying backpack appeared in the 2007 movie Thunderbolt. At the opening ceremony of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, a man also flew to the stadium with the help of the flying backpack. Today, the U.S. military replicates this clever design.

Reported that the U.S. special forces will test the performance of this equipment, used to carry out target locking or air combat readiness and other tasks. They will use the JB11 flight backpack developed by Aircraft Equipment Company.

DATA PICTURE: The jet backpack used by Agent 007 in the movie Thunderbolt. (Pictures come from the Internet)

Data Picture: JB11 Jet Flight Backpack to be tested by the US Army. (Pictures come from the Internet)

JB11 uses the companys seventh generation technology, and its vertical takeoff and landing system turbines can use aviation kerosene, diesel and other fuels, and will use liquid hydrogen as a propellant in the future. The thrust of JB11 is controlled by a central processing unit. This design facilitates rapid assembly and disassembly. In addition, the flight backpack is equipped with parachutes and other emergency equipment. The current test version of JB11 has a maximum duration of 15 minutes and a maximum speed of 193 kilometers per hour, but the pilots weight must be less than 100 kilograms.

Data Picture: JB11 Jet Backpack Test Flight. (Pictures come from the Internet)

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