Shooting blood shocks New Zealands escape guide: What about terrorist attacks?

 Shooting blood shocks New Zealands escape guide: What about terrorist attacks?

BEIJING, March 15 (Xinhua) Local time, 15, two mosques and a hospital outside Christchurch, New Zealand, shooting incident, the latest news said that at least 30 people may have died, the city hospital has treated 40 to 50 casualties, no Chinese citizens reported casualties in the shooting incident. Four suspects have been arrested by the police.

New Zealand Prime Minister Aden said, This is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. Today is one of the darkest days in New Zealand. My heart, I believe that the hearts of all New Zealanders will be with the people of Christchurch affected by this incident.

Shooting occurred outside two mosques and a hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand, on May 15, local time.

According to police, one of the gunmen may be a 28-year-old white man from Australia. He also broadcast the shooting live on the Internet, and the gunman wrote a 37-page declaration calling it a terrorist attack.

So what should we do in the first place when we encounter a terrorist attack?

Outdoor: Run away from the scene immediately

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office of the United Kingdom has issued a circular urging people to flee the scene immediately, if possible, once they are attacked by terrorists armed with weapons, and inviting others to flee together. Life is of the utmost importance and personal effects are not to be taken.

If the escape route is blocked, it is recommended to find a place to hide, preferably a thick brick wall, not behind glass windows, wood or doors through which bullets can penetrate.

New Zealand police blocked the scene after the shooting. Photo Source: New Zealand Letters Photographer Zhu Qiping

Indoor: Keep quiet away from the door

If you lock yourself in the room, you should stay away from the door. At the first time, all movable items in the room, such as beds and desks, should be put against the door.

Once you find a place to hide, you should keep quiet. Move your cell phone to silence, call the police and inform them of the location of the crime, the suspects appearance, the situation on the scene, the number, characteristics, clothes, weapons and so on.

If you encounter a terrorist gun attack, find a bunker as soon as possible, otherwise you will speed up the S-type, reduce the probability of shot.

If you encounter a grenade, find a shelter, such as tables and chairs, before it explodes (usually within 2-4 seconds), and take care to protect your head. If there is no shelter, fall far away, shrink as far as possible and back to it, covering the ear with both hands, can reduce the area of injury.

Lie down on the spot as soon as possible

If you encounter gun battles in crowded areas, lie down as soon as possible, observe the terrain properly after lying down, and move quickly behind the bunker if possible.

If you happen to be in the middle of the battle between the police and the bandits, dont run around, its better to lie on your stomach until the gunfight is over.

The picture shows an injured person being taken to an ambulance after the shooting in New Zealand.

Search for shelter

Wall partition of more streets or buildings is a good place to avoid, reinforced concrete cement walls and ordinary brick walls can well block bullets.

Walls, pillars, trunks, front engines and tyres (but fuel tanks may explode) are all optional shelters, while bushes, small trunks, fire hydrants, street lamp poles, trash cans, barrels, oil drums, near glass doors and windows (the lethality of broken glass is no less than bullets), car doors and tails, rockeries and ornamental stones (easy to bounce) are all undesirable shelters.

If Chinese in New Zealand are in a critical situation, please call 111 immediately. If consular protection assistance is required, the consular protection and assistance telephone number of the Chinese Consulate General in Christchurch is 0211767288 (please dial 0064211767288 when using the Chinese mobile phone).

Source: Responsible Editor of China News Network: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331