New Zealand Railway Station Re-transmission Explosion: Police Detonation of Explosive Backpacks

 New Zealand Railway Station Re-transmission Explosion: Police Detonation of Explosive Backpacks

New Zealand Prime Minister: This is New Zealands darkest day (Source: Global Network)

Overseas Network, March 15, according to the New Zealand Herald newspaper, local time 15, New Zealand police found two abandoned backpacks at Auckland Britomart Central Station, then the police organized explosion clearance, and some areas of the railway station to implement vigilance.

Shortly before, two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, were shot. New Zealand Prime Minister Aden confirmed that the shooting had resulted in 40 deaths and more than 20 serious injuries. After the shooting, the authorities have asked residents in the city centre to stay indoors, not to go to the mosque, and immediately report suspicious acts. New Zealand police say all mosques in the country have been ordered to close.

Following the shooting, New Zealand police said they had arrested four people, including three men and one woman, one of whom was identified as an Australian-born citizen. Aden said the suspects were not on the relevant security or terrorist watch list. In addition, explosive devices were found on several cars in Christchurch.

Aden spoke nationwide after the shooting, confirming that the shooting in Christchurch had resulted in many deaths, calling it one of New Zealands darkest days. Additionally, Aden said New Zealand had raised its national security threat level to the highest level.

The shooting in New Zealand killed dozens of people: it was a terrorist attack

According to Reuters, shootings took place in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on the afternoon of May 15, local time. The Prime Minister of New Zealand said the shooting was undoubtedly a terrorist attack.

Gunshooting in New Zealand City Blockade Experience: Hearing 20 Gunshooting

I heard 20 or more shots. I thought something was going on. People were running on the other side of Deans Avenue. Then I saw a lot of policemen. A man who fled the mosque said.

New Zealand Police: Arrest of 4 suspects in shooting and discovery of temporary explosive devices

AFP quoted New Zealand police as saying that four people had been arrested since the shooting. CNN said three men and one woman were among the four arrested.