3.15 Entertainment circles are accused of using sardines to fake baby performances and lip-synching

 3.15 Entertainment circles are accused of using sardines to fake baby performances and lip-synching

Beijing News reported on March 15, International Consumer Rights Day. In the entertainment circle where false news frequently occurs, falsification of academic qualifications and falsification of people often occur. It is not the lack of superb talent of stars that makes audiences dissatisfied, but the lack of sincerity and authenticity in the whole entertainment circle ecology, which treats audiences as fools.

In 2017, Angelababy (Yang Ying) entered the whirlpool of public opinion because of the play and a large number of surrogates in No Self-admiration for Lonely Fang. Zhao Jianrong, the producer, explained to the audience that in order to restore the effect of some big war scenes, there are many things like glaciers, flooded rivers and heavy snow that we cant really shoot, and we have to use matting to solve them. However, this statement cant explain the reason why a lot of indoor and literary theatres are also like shooting.

A few days ago, a blogger posted a video, pointing out that the violin performances of artists Ju Jiyou and Ma Xueyang on a program of Hunan Taiwan were fake playing - from the perspective of violin operation, there were several obvious flaws. Although false Lady is mostly the intention of the program group, there are some comments that Ju Jiyou enjoyed the praise treatment of ten years of off-stage work through this synthesized one minute on stage, which is really perfunctory to the audience.

In recent years, the most famous lip-synching incident is Sading Top lip-synching microphone. In the video of netizens exposure, far from the sound, Sa Dingdings timbre is very good, but the picture is closer, but the microphone is even reversed, although she found that she turned the microphone down, but still couldnt stop the flood of netizens.

Source: Responsible Editor of New Beijing News: Han Chong_NBJ11345