State | Millet 9 emergency suspension, call Lei Jun to screw!

 State | Millet 9 emergency suspension, call Lei Jun to screw!

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March 14 at 21:35 p.m.

The millet mall suddenly released a micro-blog announcing the cancellation of the opening plan of millet 9 on March 15 because of the shortage of goods, which will seriously affect usersconsumption experience.

The news triggered a new round of discussion.

Let Lei Jun twist the screw!

For this abrupt cancellation of the sales plan of millet 9, millet gave an explanation of insufficient stock.

Xu Jieyun, General Manager of Public Relations Department of Xiaomi Group, said on Weibo, Open-ended second-selling is a great harm to the user experience, and it should not be done anyway. We deeply reflect on it and sincerely apologize for it. Xu Jieyun said, If the goods are not enough, wed rather not sell them. This afternoon, millet China made such a decision to accumulate more goods and sell them again.

Millet told Netease Technology (Micro Signal: Tech_163) State Celsius column, At present, we are fully stocking up, but the amount of reservations on various platforms is huge. For the sake of rice noodles and usersshopping experience, we decided to suspend sales for the time being.

At present, it is not clear about the appointment status of millet 9. We went to Jingdong Mall to check the appointment of Xiaomi. The result showed that as of 11:10 this morning, the appointment of Xiaomi 9 in Jingdong had exceeded 246,000 people.

Millet insiders told Netease Technology (Micro Signal: Tech_163) State Celsius column group that as the main selling millet mall, the number of reservations far exceeded that of Jingdong Mall.

However, Lei Jun sent a microblog on March 3, saying, If millet supplies less than one million units in the first month of 9 years, you dont have to rush, I will go to the factory to screw the screw.

Its not clear that Millet 9 has not arrived in stock, but Lei Jun has to screw the screw quickly.

Hunger marketing? Parts problems?

Not everyone is convinced that millet is short of stock.

Many people believe that millet is continuing its hunger marketing. There are also many reports that this may not be due to hunger marketing, but millet 9 accessories problems.

Huolu reported that some people in the supply chain disclosed to Huolu that the shortage of millet 9 was due to the lack of camera components, mainly 48 megapixel cis, while the original camera supply brand was Samsung.

There are also self-Media reports that the screen of millet 9 is out of order, most of them need to change the screen.

For this information, millet insiders to Netease Technology (micro-signal: tech_163) State Celsius column to deny, said that nonsense.

PS: Just before the release, Lei Jun sent a new microblog, saying that he wanted to buy a screwdriver, and reiterated, If the millet 9 series cant supply more than one million units in the first month, I will go to the factory to screw!!! Next Tuesday, lets see our stock.

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279