The worlds most authoritative football data website only loves Messi! C Luo Tianshen had only 9.8 points, and Wu Lei was also blackened.

 The worlds most authoritative football data website only loves Messi! C Luo Tianshen had only 9.8 points, and Wu Lei was also blackened.

Injustice! Wu Leis greatest feature is that whoscored is not included in the scoring system.

Although Wu Lei did play relatively well against Valencia in comparison with other performances of scoring, assisting or making penalties, he also created some offensive threats, which highlighted Wu Leis inspiration in some periods against the relatively mediocre ability of the Spanish team to create opportunities, but whoscored did not recognize it.

In the scoring system introduced by whoscored himself, the first one boasts: Our scoring system is considered to be the most accurate, famous and authoritative in the world of football. Our scoring system is widely quoted by media experts, columnists and even professional teams.

Our scoring system is a unique and complex system in which more than 200 data of a player are included. We will add or subtract points according to the position and result of any particular event, and get the final score.

Then, whoscored introduced the application of the scoring system by taking a long time ago Bayern VS Dort match as an example: Dort winger Brashchikovsky, who deducted 0.2 points after a goal concession, while Bayern backwaist Schweinsteiger added 0.1 points because of a successful dribbling.

In addition to the obvious extra points such as goals and assists, whoscored pays most attention to the number of passes and mistakes. Take Wu Lei as an example, the reason why he got the lowest score in this game is that he made too many mistakes: in the whole game, he lost the ball four times, which led to various deductions.

Unfortunately, Wu Leis greatest feature is his excellent running position and sense of smell. He can feel the weakness of his opponents formation, and quickly get to the position, finish shooting or give assists to his teammates.

Heading assists for teammate Ferreira in the first World War against Bilbao are representative works, but running position is not included in the scoring mechanism of whoscored. So even if Wu Leizhen reads the game like Gritzman, he wont get high marks.

Whoscoreds favorite: Messi! Its a loss of heart that makes C a full mark.

Review of the past:

Football fantastic operation: 10 points Messi forced the authoritative website to C Luo into 10 points!

In the Champions League, for example, Ronaldos hat-trick helped Juve complete a dramatic reversal, with a score of 9.8 given by whoscored after the match, while a day later Messi scored two goals plus two assists against Lyon (like Ronaldo, one of which was a penalty kick), while whoscored scored 10 full points. Perhaps for fear of controversy caused by inconsistencies, whoscored temporarily changed Ronaldos score to 10, indicating that he was actually impartial.

But judging from whoscoreds score, their favorite has always been Messi. Messi scored an average of 8.55 points in the league this season, the highest in the five leagues - and the highest in the single league: the second-place Mbappe, with an average of 8.05 points per game, is 0.5 points lower than Messis, while in the Champions League, Messis score is more exaggerated, reaching an average of 8.93 points per game!

Even in Barcelonas 0-0 draw with Lyon in the first round, Messi scored 8.1 points, the highest in the game.

Messis whoscored score has always been self-rated, the last season scored less than 8.4 points back to the 13-14 season, that season Messi only started 29 games in La Liga because of injury, the state is relatively depressed, but still can get an average of 8.34 points per game.

Even in Messis relatively disappointing 2018 World Cup, whoscoreds score was quite tolerant: Messi scored an average of 7.87 points in four matches, ranking sixth among all the players. By contrast, Frances biggest contributor, Mbappe, scored 7.75, Ronaldo 7.73 and Golden Globe winner, Modric, 7.48.

From this point of view, Ronaldo suffered from a similar deficit to Wu Leis: his delicate running position was not included in the scoring system, and his personal ability in dribbling and passing was inferior to Messis, which resulted in the fact that Messi crushed all living beings in the scoring system.

This also reflects an unscientific aspect of the whoscored scoring system: Lyon and Atletico Madrid are obviously not a class team, while Ronaldo and Messi have King-class data, but also consider the strength of their opponents. In the face of Atletico Madrid to complete the hat trick, obviously the difficulty factor is close to infinite; while the cruelty of Lyon seems not so difficult. However, the whoscored scoring system is naturally impossible to record such a complex team strength comparison.

What kind of players does Whoscored prefer? The King of Ball Playing in London

Driving and passing are the most important items for whoscored, which is also Messis best project. Take the World Cup score as an example, the highest ranking is Azar, who has super dribbling ability. In the Premier League ranking, Azar also ranks first with 7.73 points, although his score is not as good as that of Sterling.

In the Premier League, the unscientific nature of the whoscored scoring system in some respects is reflected again: for example, another London champion: Zaka. Zacca is a player with distinctive strengths and weaknesses, and many Arsenal fans agree that his weaknesses outweigh his strengths. But whoscored doesnt think so. In their scoring system, Zaka averaged 7.06 points per game in the Premier League this season, second only to Obamayan and Lakazette, and third in the team alongside defender Koscielny. The most exaggerated thing is that Zaka was even elected the best player on the spot four times... Is this really science?

For example, Zaka scored 8.1 points in last weeks 2-0 Manchester United game, which was the best. However, many Arsenal fans do not agree with the score. A comment by a fan named COYGSHOW on Weibo is excerpted as an example: Zaka is often the player who passes the ball the most frequently and has the highest passing success rate.................................... Where did all these passes go, what role did they play, and whether they meant anything to us ___________ None of this will be considered.

In other words, Zaka is a safety ball master to some extent. His crosses and returns are so many that he can get the high score of whoscored with a long shot from time to time. Relatively speaking, the average score of Torrera, which is more recognized by gun fans, is only 6.79, ranking 11th in the team.

But Zakas ability to score high is not entirely because he is good at safety balls: he threatens to pass 1.3 times a game, second only to Ozil and Kolashnatz in third place. With occasional goals, it seems reasonable to get high scores.

After saying so much about the unscientificity of whoscored scoring, we must finally praise the fact that whoscored can also give an objective evaluation to the pro-son player or the real safety ball master who our fans really disdain. For example, Josnio, Sallys lover, scored only 6.87 points per game, ranking ninth in the team, lower than Cantor, who was not a qualified backwaist in Sallys mind, while Henderson, another great safety ball player, exaggerated that he scored only 6.58 points per game, ranking 18th in Liverpools team...

At the end of the paper, the most scientific score of whoscored is: the only designated back waist in North London, the professional 10 dozen 12 manufacturers, the master of walking back to defense, and the Emery generals of Jorgenio. Whoscored gave Prince Gong a score of 6.58, ranking 19th in the team, the lowest among players who played more than 800 minutes.

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