Mafia Godfather: Suddenly everyone wants to kill me and Im the last person alive.

 Mafia Godfather: Suddenly everyone wants to kill me and Im the last person alive.

I talked with Wayne Amin at a restaurant in Carlton, and I told him that I no longer trust you, so lets go.

The most vivid memory of that day is the look that this kid looked at me. His eyes began to move constantly, and all the expressions changed. I thought he was going to punch me in the face, but he pulled out his gun and pointed it at me.

I froze. He fired a shot, and the bullet flew over my head. Ash from the barrel spilled on my jacket. But at that moment I felt as if I had been hit.

The boxer could have twisted his arm backwards and held his gun hand so hard that I tried my best to put pressure on that hand and force him to point the gun at his head.

By the time I responded, Veniamin had fallen to the ground and I was lying on him. The blood came out of his eyes and mouth and went all over the place. At that moment, I knew that he was dead.

In the months that followed, every night, I had that picture in my mind over and over again, Veniamin lying on the ground covered in blood.

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Mick Gatto is the godfather of Melbournes underground world. His father was the first Italian to immigrate to Australia. Unlike the local underworld in Australia, Gaito, like the man who stepped out of the Godfather movie, always wears a suit and leather shoes with a cigar in his mouth. In 2004, the 49-year-old Gaito became famous among Melbournes underground gangs, but Veniamins death was the first time he admitted killing himself.

Gaitos most classic image is like a man who comes out of Godfather.

He calmly stepped out of Carltons restaurant that day, as if he had already planned, and held out his hands to the policeman on the outskirts of the restaurant. Melbourne police soon appealed against him, but after 10 days in prison, Gaito was acquitted and the court believed that Veniamins death was Gaitos legitimate defence.

But in the face of a neck with three deadly holes and a dead body shot directly into the eye, the police do not want to let Gaito go anyway. In fact, Melbourne police have long been dissatisfied with Gaito and his gangs. The struggle of underground gangs in Melbourne in those years had a great impact on social stability. The police tried all kinds of ways to put Gaito in prison. In addition to the murder, Gaitos industry has been investigated for fire, drugs and even taxes.

In 2008, the Australian TV series Melbourne Wind and Cloud brought Melbourne underground struggle to the screen for the first time, but the reality is different from the TV series. After watching it, Gaito told the media that 80% of the plot is not true. But Gaito is very satisfied with his image in the play. Unlike the underground gangs who like to keep mysterious, Gaito not only accepts media interviews and agrees to state television to shoot his documentary, but also invites people to take pictures when they go out. You never know when these people will appear on your jury. He is as kind as an old neighbor. Those who think Im cold and heartless dont know me. If you sit down and talk to me, youll find that Im actually like a big doll.

Gaito, who is dedicated to creating a pro-people image, also held several signing meetings for his autobiography.

The local Australian journalist asked Gaitos attendant, What do you think of him? The attendant answered, Hes a real gentleman and a gunman. His wife even laughed at the rumor that Gaito and the Italian Mafia jointly controlled the drug trade in Australia: I dont know why they suspect us. He hates drugs. Neither of these words can appear in our family.

In 2004, Gaito became a philanthropist, raising $4.5 million over several years to sponsor various livelihood projects. This is not black money from the underground world, but donations from honest citizens who have known me for more than 40 years. They trust me and are willing to give it to me. For a gangster, it seems like $4.5 million is good enough.

It seems that Gaito not only obeys the law, but also has a strong sense of social responsibility. But is the underground Godfather really an innocent good man?

Of course not. In the Melbourne underground Gang struggle in which he participated, 27 young people were killed overnight in the streets, let alone dealt with internally among the gangs, without being exposed to the public. On the surface, Gaito said to his journalist, Look, I live here. Anyone can find me. But his Rolls-Royce is a special bullet-proof version. He was banned from gambling for 10 years and then for life. Even his boxing agents license was revoked. In his autobiography, he said, Suddenly everyone wants to kill me. I have to fight them one by one in order to be the last person to stand and survive.

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Gaito was born in Melbournes Italian community, one of the most chaotic places in Melbourne, and is generally considered to be deeply influenced by Sicilian Mafia culture. His father was the bottom worker in the community, and his family depended solely on his fathers fruit stall for their livelihood.

According to Gaito himself, when he was born, his father went out and his mother felt uncomfortable and called a taxi, but he came out before the taxi arrived at the hospital. His mother gave birth to him in the taxi. Family poverty has left Gaito with no schooling since he was a child. He helped his father run a fruit stall while he mingled with self-righteous Street Wisdom in the Italian community.

Gaito is thought to have some connection with the Italian Mafia.

When he was 15 years old, Gaito pushed the fruit cart up a slope as usual, but the fruit cart was too heavy. He accidentally dropped his hand, and the fruit cart ran over the toes of a passing gangster. The man started beating Gaito crazily, and although he finally survived with the help of the Italians nearby, he began to realize that he had to learn to defend himself. He went into Kevins boxing hall.

Its hard to say whether this decision is right or wrong, because Gatos boxing skills have allowed him to survive in the future black fire fight time and again, but its this black-related gambling club that has put Gatos life on the road of no return.

It wasnt long before the 17-year-old Gaito was officially on the stage. At first, his path to boxing was very smooth. Gaito, who was more than 190 cm tall, was called the Italian stallion in the local underground boxing market. He was naturally aggressive. Especially after several victories, Gato felt more invincible. For a $10 bonus and his adolescent face, Gato often broke his head in the ring. He still remembers that a commentator on a Melbourne sports television station said that he had won very well in the ring, but he must be the most popular one among women.

The image of Gaito in the TV play Melbourne.

Thats right. During that time, I really spent nights in the nightclub, bringing different girls back. Sometimes I dont go back, just find a place to solve it. At the age of 18, Gaito met a girl named Midnight while working as a part-time security guard. Shes tattooed, a woman who can turn a man upside down. Her ex-boyfriend is the eldest brother of Hell Angel (a Melbourne gang).

On one occasion, Gaito worked as a security guard for a music festival. He watched the riots of more than thirty Hell Angels. They injected drugs into each other, shouted loudly, and were about to fight. At this time, the ex-boyfriend of midnight came, and those who had to pull out the knife for a second were instantly quiet. It was Gaitos first time to see the mafias original power. But soon, the tougher brother came to the door.

A man named David visited their boxing hall. His style and momentum are different from ordinary people. I think he is a big man, but I didnt know at that time that this man was wanted all over New Zealand. New Zealands men wanted to catch him, but they never succeeded. David always acted one step ahead of them. I asked him what you were doing and if you could count me in, and David looked at me and said yes.

So in addition to fighting in the underground black market, part-time security guards, and looking after illegal casinos, Gato unconsciously followed David into Melbournes gangster struggle.

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In Australia, David first stole diamonds from several wealthy families with Gaito. They always sneak into the villa while the owner was asleep, and then slipped down with a rope. But Gaito disliked it very much: I cant help thinking, what if its my mother whos sleeping in bed now?

Gaito, who was still a burglar in those years, received his first barrel of gold in his life, which was more than 20,000 dollars a night and less than 2,000 dollars a night. Until one day when the police visited his home, a police officer said to Gaito, I really like you, but you have to stop stealing. We have made you a priority. Stop being a thief. After that, Gaito had to deal with the police when he stole again. I always thought that one day I would go to prison if I went on like this. Im just lucky that I didnt go in now.

Southern Melbourne Fair, where Gaito grew up, is the most chaotic area in Melbourne.

Gaito, who did not like stealing, took the money and opened his first illegal casino. He had been fond of gambling since childhood, especially a local Australian game called two-up. The second floor of the boxing hall he had trained was the illegal Two-Up Casino. Later, the casino business could not go on, and Gaito began to run the construction industry.

During this period, Gaito was considered to have a close relationship with Melbournes most powerful mafia, the Moran family. At that time, Wes regarded Gaito as a close friend of the Moran family. He often went to the kitchen to invite Gaito to come for a taste. We would talk about business, sometimes about casinos. Rivers was also a pirate. He was absolutely good at that. Fortunately, he could steal twenty or thirty wallets a day.

Melbournes underground Gang struggle also originated in the Moran family. Karl, a member of the Two-Hearted Moran family, wanted to go out alone and was rejected. Karl hated it and hired someone to kill Riversson. That night, grieving Reeves called Gato and asked him to come at once.

Carl, who wants to be his own man

Melbournes underground world is totally uneven around this murder. Carl bought Veniamin, who was working for Gaito at the time, in order to get rid of more Morans for himself. The killer, Veniamin, had a reputation long before he served Gaito. Police had found 38 pistols of various types in his sink. In 2001, Veniamin killed three people. He wanted to make a lot of money. He did everything to make money.

The first time I saw him in a restaurant, I took him by the shoulder, I touched the handle of his gun, I said to him, you were well equipped. Then we all laughed. He wanted to make money from me and always asked me to find work for him. I said I didnt do the drug business here. What kind of money did I get? Then I asked him to work as a porter on my site. Obviously, he didnt like this job.

Later, Carl, who was in urgent need of removing obstacles, colluded with Veniamin. His anti-social personality broke out completely. In 2004, Veniamin killed 10 people, seven of whom were subjected to inhuman torture before they died. In addition to killing, Veniamin personally sent his former brother to prison and then ran to their home to rape their wife or girlfriend.

Crazy Veniamin

So when Veniamin found Gaito again, Gaito shot him. However, the police disagree with Gaitos statement. Maybe Venia took out the gun first, but Gaitos motive for killing him may be to retaliate against Carl, the enemy of the Moran family. Some people testified in court that Veniamins death was Gaitos trap. Before Gaito went out, he knew that Veniamin must die today. In murders together, Gato always wants to leave himself alone, but in fact he knows every case well. In the preface of his autobiography, he writes, For some reason, I cant put the details of these things in one by one. But every time a person dies, whether its a trivial younger brother or a high-ranking elder brother, all have ties with Gato. Some were his childhood playmates, some were his business rivals, and the least they had ever met. In addition, police suspect that Gaito made a windfall by selling arms in this series of underground struggles.

Gaito at his sons funeral seemed much older overnight.

In 2010, the successive feudal killings in Melbourne ended temporarily with Carls arrest, his new gangs disappeared, and the Moran family declined with the death of Reeves and his youngest son. Gaito, who stood and survived, laughed to the end.

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After the underground struggle returned to calm, Gaito began to wash himself busily. He liked to be called a businessman by others. He also liked to run charity for himself and even set up benevolent people. He did not shy away from his love for Godfather movies. He imitated Don Corleone in his daily life. Yes, Gatos favorite is the Godfather of Marlon Brando. The suit was meticulous, the cigar in hand and the wine in hand. It looked slightly gloomy.

But in 2018, Gaitos proud son Justin was found dead in an apartment in downtown Melbourne. It was not an accident, but a murder. Just this month, the 64-year-old Gaito met the leader of the Flying Car Party at the Australian heavyweight championship. Bullets flew around. Two gangs stationed outside the boxing hall fought again. Some fired and some died in the street. The silver-haired Gaito stepped out of the boxing hall without any damage.

Maybe another Melbourne movie will be on?