Li Keqiang Press Conference Golden Sentence: Real Gold and Silver are ready to let policy go blank.

 Li Keqiang Press Conference Golden Sentence: Real Gold and Silver are ready to let policy go blank.

Today (March 15), the Press Conference of the Premier of the National Two Sessions was held as scheduled in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People. What did Premier Li Keqiang emphasize at the meeting? The political circle summarized the ten golden sentences of the press conference for the readers for the first time.

1. Reporters go straight in, so Im open and honest.

This journalist friend likes to go straight, so Im open. Chinas economy has indeed encountered new downward pressure. Now the world economy is slowing down. During this period of more than a month, several international authorities are lowering their expectations of world economic growth. China moderately lowers its expected growth target by interval regulation. It not only links up with last years economic growth, but also shows that we will not let the economy slip out of a reasonable range. It can be said that the signal to the market is stable.

2. Rapeseed turnips do not wash mud

Facing the new downward pressure, we should take effective measures. One way is to make quantitative easing, overissue money and increase the deficit rate on a large scale. The so-called flood irrigation means that turnips are quick and not muddy. It can be effective at a time, but it will bring sequelae, so it is not advisable. We still need to persist in resisting downward pressure by stimulating market vitality. In the past few years, we have also encountered downward pressure. What we have taken is measures to stimulate market vitality, because the market vitality has increased, and the momentum for development will inevitably increase.

3. Chinas economy is an important anchor for the stability of the world economy

No matter what new situation happens, it is very important for us to base ourselves on the present situation and take into account the long-term situation, maintain Chinas economic stability, and keep the long-term trend of Chinas economy in good shape unchanged. Chinas economy will always be an important anchor for the stability of the world economy.

4. Where does the money come from? What if you cant fill this hole?

Tax reduction is to reduce revenue. This year, we will arrange for the synchronization of fiscal expenditure and GDP growth to ensure that expenditure in key areas of peoples livelihood and in the three major battles will only increase and remain unchanged. So people will ask you where your money comes from, and the deficit has only increased by 0.2 percentage points. What if you cant fill this hole? Our approach is that the government has to live a tight life, not only to reduce the expenditure of the general public budget, but also to increase profits handed over by specific financial institutions and central enterprises, enter the treasury, and recover long-term deposited funds. Through these measures, we have raised 1 trillion yuan.

5. True gold and silver are ready, and no policy is allowed to go blank.

For this reason, the government has to live a tight life, concede profits, the interests of the governments stock, offenders, enterprises and people, so that finance is more sustainable, in turn, may be a question mark. In doing so, we do not mean to advance the future, but to foster it. Now it can be said that the real gold and silver have been prepared. The relevant departments and governments at all levels should implement the policy. They must not make policy blank, let alone change arbitrary charges to impact the effect of tax reduction and fee reduction, or let enterprises and market participants really feel the real effect of large-scale tax reduction and fee reduction.

6. To monitor other countries? This is not the way China acts.

When it comes to government rules, regulation should be fair and personal privacy should be protected. This reminds me of a series of questions that Bloomberg reporters have just asked, one of which I want to answer explicitly. Do you say that the Chinese government requires its own enterprises to listen to information from other countries? I dont know whether it means to listen to the government or individual citizens. Anyway, theres one thing. Its not in accordance with Chinese law, nor is it the way China acts. It wont be there now, nor will it be there in the future.

7. A migrant worker is about my age

China now has more than 280 million migrant workers, and the number is increasing by millions every year. They are the main force in many industries. Most of the farmersincome comes from working. There are countless familiesexpectations behind the migrant workers. Speaking of this, I remember visiting the construction site of a medium-sized city in Northeast China two years ago, and I still have an impression. In the cold weather, migrant workers are working. One of them is about my age. When I talk to him, he hopes to work overtime and earn more money. I said why? He said that one of his children had been admitted to a key university. He wanted to earn money to make his children feel at ease and study well. I saw in his eyes his expectations for the next generation and the future.

8. Grasp thisneck-jammingproblem

Serving the real economy is the duty of finance, but we are faced with the problem that the real economy, especially the private economy and small and micro enterprises, is difficult to finance. Last year, we took a series of measures to curb the rising trend of difficult financing. The purpose of our four downgrades is to promote the flow of these funds to private economy and small and micro enterprises by reducing the cost of financial institutions themselves. This year, we should seize the neck problem of difficult financing, which restricts economic development and market vitality. We should adopt multiple strategies to reduce the financing cost of small and micro enterprises by one percentage point on the basis of last year.

9. Grasp the big and push the small, go up to the world and use all eighteen kinds of martial arts.

The trade volume between China and Russia has exceeded the scale of 100 billion US dollars, which can be said to be a new sign. This in itself shows that our cooperation has great potential. Next, we can expand our field. We can promote both large-scale and small-scale projects, commodity trade and micro-enterprises, including cross-border e-commerce cooperation. We can cooperate in the field of aerospace and aeronautics, or go to the ground and promote local folk exchanges. That is to use all 18 kinds of martial arts that can be used, consolidate the achievements of Sino-Russian economic and trade scale exceeding 100 billion US dollars, and move towards the goal of doubling.

10. Relevant parties should live in their eyes and be clear-minded.

This year, we will reduce the electricity price of general industry and Commerce by 10%. This will benefit not only industrial enterprises, but also commercial enterprises. Now there are tens of millions of e-commerce, more than 600 million consumer users, e-commerce is 24-hour business, I have seen, they said that the cost of computer power consumption pressure is not small, reducing electricity prices can make profits to consumers, but also promote industrial development, this is a rare thing. In fact, there are many institutional barriers in consumption that should be eliminated or reduced, which can stimulate the potential of consumption, the vitality of the market and the creativity of society. We need to be able to see things in their eyes, to understand people and to do intimate things.

(Originally titled Ten Golden Sentences Said by Li Keqiang this year)