Men repeatedly come to their doors to annoy the suspected rape mother-in-law was killed by his wife and her family

 Men repeatedly come to their doors to annoy the suspected rape mother-in-law was killed by his wife and her family

In September 2018, Meng Fan, a villager in Longquan Temple Township, Xingtai, Hebei Province, planted two apple trees in the courtyard to pray for peace.

There was a reason why he planted apple trees at this time. In April of that year, his son-in-law, Wang Dahu, and his daughter, Meng Sanmei, divorced again. According to the case file, Wang Dahu repeatedly visited the house to annoy his mother-in-law by smashing the door, insulting, burning the car and suspected rape.

The apple tree failed to bring peace to the family.

On September 12, 2018, Wang Dahu came to the door again. Severe physical conflicts broke out between the two sides in the room. Wang Dahu died because of brain injury caused by blunt objects. Police identified four murderers: besides Meng Tiao and Meng Sanmei, there were Meng Tiaos wife and son. At present, except that Mengs son is under surveillance, the other three are all detained for the crime of intentional injury.

On March 12, 2019, upstream journalists at Meng Fans home saw that even in March, the two apple trees were still bare, without buds. On the country road not far from the apple tree, the villagers are still talking about Wang Dahu is making too much noise to live, crime never dies, murder pays for life...

Meng Fan planted apple trees in his yard. Photographer/upstream journalist Niu Tai

A mess of marriage

The marriage between Wang Dahu and Meng Sanmei has been terrible in recent years.

That wasnt the case at first. Although the Mencius disdained Wang Dahu and disliked him for drinking and being impulsive, My sister liked him and said he would change after marriage. Sister Meng Damei said.

At the insistence of Meng Sanmei, Wang Dahu, born in 1983, married Meng Sanmei in 2005. At first, they were in harmony. Wang Dahu drove a truck to deliver goods. Meng Sanmei and his driver had a son and a daughter. The elder was 14 years old.

The Mencius did not know when their marriage began to deteriorate, but only remembered some fragments.

At 10:00 p.m. on July 14, 2016, Wang Dahu went to a building on Xinhua South Road in Xingtai City. There is Wang Dahus ex-girlfriend in this building. After the quarrel, Wang Dahu cut his ex-girlfriend and her husband and was sentenced to 10 months for intentional injury.

They always quarrel, quarrel will start. I remember clearly that my sister had a wound on her face. Meng Damei introduced.

Facing the criticism of Mencius, Wang Dahus family also agreed. Wang Dahus uncle introduced that his nephew was not lazy and would work. People are good when they dont drink, and they will talk nonsense when they drink.

Wang Dahus uncle said, There is a fact that my nephew betrayed Meng Sanmei. Meng Sanmei is not loyal and has some gossip.

In the chicken feathers of one place of affection, two people make a divorce.

On May 12, 2016, the couple agreed to divorce and soon remarried.

In early 2018, Meng Sanmei sued the court for long-term domestic violence. On April 10, 2018, after Wang Dahu promised to abstain from drinking, do not insult each other and negotiate with each other in case of problems, do not agree to go alone, Meng Sanmei withdrew her lawsuit.

Since then, Meng Sanmei left Xingtai to work.

The room where the murder occurred. Photographer/upstream journalist Niu Tai

Suspected rape of mother-in-law

In Uncle Wang Dahus words, he often runs to the Menciusimportant people when he cant see his wife. So there was a disturbance.

In addition to the heightened wall, there are two surveillance cameras.

But these measures can not prevent the occurrence of nuisance.

Late in the night of June 7, 2018, Wang Dahu climbed over the wall and entered the Mencius family. My father keeps bees in the mountains. My mother and my grandmother are at home. He raped my mother that night. He took an axe and my mother dared not resist. It wasnt until July 1 that the police called. Meng Damei said.

People of Xingtai County Public Security Bureau warned against upstream journalists. On July 1, the police went to Mengjia immediately after receiving the report to extract the evidence and extract the cloth to wipe the fine spots. However, nearly a month after the incident was reported, and the biological samples were easily mildewed in summer, so the results could not be detected in the end. We have accepted this case, because the evidence is insufficient, we can not continue. Police said.

On the evening of June 30, Wang Dahu came to Meng Tigers home again. Many villagers recalled to the upstream journalists that Meng was tired of standing at Mengs door and shouting abuse. Then, Wang Dahu took up the brick and smashed the door. He also lit the bumper of Mengs private car. Wang Dahu was detained for 15 days by Longquan Temple Police Station in Xingtai County.

At 8 p.m. on September 7, Wang Dahu came to Mencius again. The watchdog tied outside Mengjias door disappeared. Wang Dahu called to say that he had killed the dog and stewed it.

For Wang Dahus frequent disturbances, his uncle said he knew, I advised him to speak well, but he drank, I can not persuade him.

As for the cause of the disturbance, his uncle introduced that Meng Sanmeis identity card should be provided because of the childrens admission procedures. Because he did not know the whereabouts of Meng Sanmei, Wang Dahu had to go to his mothers house to be a VIP.

_The fence of Mengjia was heightened. Photographer/upstream journalist Niu Tai

Die under a stick

The murder occurred on the morning of September 12, 2018, in a house in the northeastern corner of Mengjia.

Mr. Liu, the villages director of public security, recalled that he had followed Wang Dahu when he saw him go to the Menciushouse that morning. He told Wang Dahu to talk about divorce and not go too far.

Both sides did not listen to the directors dissuasion.

After the speech conflict, a fierce physical conflict broke out, and Wang Dahu died under a stick.

Yin Qingli, a defense lawyer in the case, said that after the speech conflict, Meng Sanmei slapped Wang Dahu in anger. Wang Dahu wanted to fight back. Meng Sanmei picked up the stick. The stick was taken by Wang Dahu. At that moment, Meng got tired and his wife also came to beat Wang Dahu with sticks.

Mengs annoyed wife confessed to the police. Wang Dahu fell to the ground and remained motionless. She beat him in the leg with a stick to vent her resentment of being raped.

When the police arrived at the scene of the incident, Wang Dahu had no breath, there were obvious wounds on his head and more bleeding. There were fighting marks on his body, a lot of blood marks around him. There were also three sticks with blood marks and a kitchen knife on the scene. According to the identification, Wang Dahu was killed by blunt objects which hit his head many times.

After the death of Wang Dahu, the Mencius were confused. Before the arrival of the police, they did a confused thing - Meng Sanmei gang and his brother used a knife to cut the wound on Meng Sanmeis hand, forged the wound, and put the kitchen knife on the scene in an attempt to interfere with the investigation of the public security organs.

Lawyer Yin Qingli said that the four people were returned to the public security for supplementary investigation by the Xingtai Peoples Procuratorate for the second time on January 29, 2019 for suspected intentional injury, and will be transferred to the Xingtai Peoples Procuratorate for review and prosecution.

Lawyer Yin Qingli believes that although Wang Dahu did not show excessive behavior on the day of the case, he was quite different from the Mencius present. The Mencius had suffered a series of persistent illegal violations such as domestic violence, threats of verbal homicide, text insults, car washing, suspected rape, and a collective joint letter from the villagers, so the case should be in law. Considering the influence of previous infringement factors within the scope of law, the judicial organs should not mechanically characterize the suspects involved in the case with the result of the case, so as to reflect the judicial temperature. (All the characters in the article are aliased names)

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, responsible editor of upstream news of Chongqing Morning Post