Several passengers were injured when their wife failed to get on the bus and the man drove to stop the bus.

 Several passengers were injured when their wife failed to get on the bus and the man drove to stop the bus.

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Many passengers were injured when their wife did not get on the bus and the man drove to stop the bus. (Source: ~)

Because his wife missed the bus, a man surnamed Song in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, even drove to stop the bus, resulting in serious consequences, causing serious injuries to many passengers on the bus. The man was also criminally detained for a reckless act.

It is reported that Mr. Zhang is the driver of No. 6 bus, and he still has palpitations about what happened on the morning of March 13. Zhang Yinghua, the driver of No. 6 bus, said, Theres a car in the middle of normal driving. He wants to go to someone on the way because I dont stop until Im at the bus stop. He forced my car to stop. He came down and threatened me with a few words and drove away.

At that time, Song speeded up to the bus, and a right-turn brake forced the bus to stop. In order to prevent accidents, bus drivers also take emergency braking measures. Just then, several passengers sitting in the car were caught off guard and fell heavily on the car. Looking at the injured passengers in the car, Zhang Yinghua immediately called the police.

After receiving the police, the police immediately took video surveillance of the bus and took evidence of the passengers and witnesses at the scene of the accident.

Yan Haimin, deputy chief of bus management brigade of Jiujiang Public Security Bureau, told reporters: Immediately, the case was investigated and the suspect was locked in. By 2:30 p.m., with the assistance of Xingang Police Station, the suspect was arrested in Xingang Town. The suspect, Song Momou, confessed to the fact of the offender.

The suspect, Song Moumou, said he regretted it. At that time, he really did not realize the consequences. He really felt sorry. At present, the police have detained a certain Song criminal for the offence of provoking trouble according to law, and then convicted according to law after the injury identification of passengers and the related losses.

In this regard, it also reminds passengers that if drivers have irregularities, they can complain through proper channels, and never make excessive acts.

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