Some people questioned that the foreign investment law was the response of Li Keqiang, who had speeded up the adoption of the law.

 Some people questioned that the foreign investment law was the response of Li Keqiang, who had speeded up the adoption of the law.

Li Keqiang:

Opening up to the outside world is Chinas basic national policy, which benefits the Chinese people and the world at large. Why not? The measures of opening up have been put forward, and of course they should be implemented. Like last year, some of our major basic industries have liberalized the share ratio of foreign investment, and many major projects have landed. Last year, we used foreign capital, which is still the largest number of developing countries in the world. China will continue to listen to opinions from all sides and keep the temperature of hot soil open to the outside world.

The second session of the 13th National Peoples Congress just concluded passed the Foreign Investment Law, which aims to better protect foreign investment and attract foreign investment by legal means. This law can also be said to regulate the governments behavior. It requires the government to administer according to law, and the government should issue a series of regulations and documents in accordance with the spirit of this law to protect the rights and interests of foreign businessmen, such as how to make the information complaint mechanism open, transparent and effective. This is a very important thing for us to do next. We will introduce a series of relevant regulations and documents to ensure the smooth implementation of the Foreign Investment Law.

We should implement the system of national treatment and negative list before access, and introduce new negative list. This new negative list will be subtracted and will be gradually subtracted in the future, that is to say, the scope of non-prohibited access will become wider and wider. We should also strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, amend the Intellectual Property Law, introduce a punitive compensation mechanism to infringements, and deal with them together when found, and make infringements of intellectual property nowhere to go. Of course, we also hope that foreign governments will treat the voluntary cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises fairly. In short, this years opening-up measures will continue to be pushed forward and pushed forward. As I have said many times, Chinas opening-up measures are not always launched in a package, but they come out every year or even every quarter, but in retrospect, they will bring about great changes that cannot be imagined. Thank you.