Germanys third-party organization awarded Huawei the worlds first 5G CE certificate for mobile phones

 Germanys third-party organization awarded Huawei the worlds first 5G CE certificate for mobile phones

Netease Technologies News March 15, third-party testing, testing and certification agency TUV Rhine of Germany (hereinafter referred to as TUV Rhine) issued Huawei the worlds first 5G mobile phone CE certificate, which marks that the HUAWEIMateX mobile phone successfully passed the rigorous test and evaluation, becoming the first 5G mobile phone approved by the European Union Announcement Agency.

Bruce Lee, Vice President of Huawei Mobile Phone Product Line, said: Compared with the previous generation of communication technology and products, 5G technology and product form are more complex. 5G certification testing standards and 5G testing equipment are in the process of continuous improvement. It is an unprecedented challenge to evaluate 5G mobile phone certification testing. Through the collaboration of Huawei and Rhine certification technology teams, the two sides have made significant breakthroughs in many key certification technologies. In the future, Huawei will continue to work with TUV Rhein to work together on the research of communication product certification technology and promote the scale of 5G terminals for commercial use.

Mr. Stefan Kischka congratulated Huawei: Im glad that TUV Rhine has witnessed Huaweis leading 5G technology, which is exciting news for both industry and consumers. TUV Rhine has been working hard in the field of wireless communication technology for many years. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Huawei to create, promote and witness a new era of 5G.

HUAWEIMateX, a 5G mobile phone, carries Balong 5000, the industrys first 7Nm multi-mode 5G terminal chip. The single chip supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G network formats. The download rate first achieves an unprecedented 5G peak download rate and 4.6Gbps (theoretical value) in the ub-6GHz band. It is the worlds first to synchronously support SA and NSA networking modes. When operators switch to SA networking, there is no need to replace them. Machine is a real 5G mobile phone.

Hua5G mobile phone CE certification is undertaken by TUV Rhine. CE is a necessary quality requirement for imported and sold products in EU, and also a mandatory certification mark for entering European market. It is regarded as a pass to open European market. Commodities with CE logo indicate that they meet the requirements of EU directives on wireless, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, health, environmental protection and consumer protection.

The UAWEIMateX, which has passed the CE certification test and validation, meets the requirements of CE certification in terms of device selection, design and development, strict compliance with regulations from beginning to end, radio frequency (RF), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety & SAR within the declared specifications. (quiet)

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Yao Liwei_NT6056