Poland has asked the United States to establish a permanent military base. The two sides have held talks.

 Poland has asked the United States to establish a permanent military base. The two sides have held talks.

[Global Network Military Report March 15] Defense One reported on March 14 that Washington and Warsaw were negotiating the deployment of US Standing Forces in Poland, citing Catherine Wilberg, acting assistant secretary of defense for international security, and that the drafting of the agreement might take six months to a year.

Reported that there are currently about 4500 U.S. soldiers stationed in Poland, from the U.S. Armored Brigade and NATO multinational battalion. It is reported that the Deputy Secretary of defense, John Rudd, held talks with Polish leaders in Warsaw last 23, during which he discussed the establishment of a permanent base for the United States military in Poland.

We believe that we have put forward a rather serious proposal and have begun to deal with technical issues this week, Wilbag said at a hearing of the Military Committee of the United States House of Representatives. We hope that after this meeting, the United States will lay a solid foundation for further work.

Wilbag pointed out that if Poland accepts the proposal of Deputy Minister Rudd, the US State Department will be responsible for the formulation of the genuine technical agreement. She said drafting the agreement could take six months to a year. But she did not disclose details of her proposal to Poland.

Poland had previously advised the United States to deploy a standing U.S. Armored Tank Division in its territory, and had incurred between $15 billion and $2 billion in expenditure. The proposal was made bilaterally outside the NATO framework. Polish President Duda said Warsaw hoped to establish a permanent military base in Poland, and even proposed to name it Fort Trump.

Russias Presidential Press Secretary, Peskov, said that it was Warsaws sovereign decision whether the U.S. military base would be established in Poland, but that decision triggered Russias reaction, and that NATO infrastructure close to the Russian border did not contribute to European stability.

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