Fear of being targeted by Chinese hackers to stop publicly promoting officers in the United States

 Fear of being targeted by Chinese hackers to stop publicly promoting officers in the United States

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Breaking Defence, an online defense magazine, published an article on the 14th about an incredible statement made by the US Navy that it decided to stop publishing lists of officers on its website for fear of being targeted by Chinese hackers.

Reported that U.S. Navy Secretary of Operations Richard Sen defended the Navys decision to stop publishing the list of officers at a meeting on the 13th. He told a small group of reporters, I dont know if you have been attacked in the cyber world, but our generals have been attacked. According to the report, the names of naval officers and their new positions are regularly published. Last October, the U.S. Navy stopped publishing lists of new recruits without warning. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps continue to publish similar lists on a regular basis.

There will always be disagreements between transparency and security, Richardson said. If we can take action to ensure their information and property security, we will do it. These initiatives may not succeed in the end, but at least they show our attitude, he said. In addition to hiding officersnames, Richardson did not say that the Navy had taken other measures to protect officers in the cyberworld, the report said.

The U.S. military has frequently exaggerated the China threat in recent years, making excuses for its support. Reportedly, acting U.S. Defense Secretary Shanahan will attend the Congressional Budget Hearing on 14th, stressing the need to pay attention to China. The Wall Street Journal quoted an internal report of the US Navy as saying that the US Navy and its contractors are facing relentless cyber attacks from different enemies and named China and Russia.

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