Over 400 kilometers per hour! The perpetrator was a fighter plane.

 Over 400 kilometers per hour! The perpetrator was a fighter plane.

Reference News Network reported on March 15 that a California highway patrolman found incredible figures in his speedometer, but he did not see the vehicle passing. Then an F-16 fighter flew over the patrolmans head at high speed, apparently the perpetrator caught by the tachometer was a fighter.

Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Daily reported on March 13 that California Highway Patrol Police Chris Bohr posted a video on social media. The police car was on standby by the roadside. An F-16 fighter plane flew by with a huge roar. The video notes read, When your patrol car speedometer iscrazy, and you cant see any vehicles passing, you may have to look up.

Data Picture: F-16 fighter aircraft flying at ultra-low altitude. (Pictures come from the Internet)

DATA PICTURE: The National Police recorded the speed of the civilian pesticide machine flying at low altitude with a velocimeter. (Pictures come from the Internet)

Reported that the maximum speed of the F-16 can reach Mach 2, the real-time speed of 2450 kilometers, of course, the video fighters are not so fast. Chriss speedometer is said to show a crazy number of 250 miles (402 kilometers) per hour, but another highway patrolman in the area said it was nothing. His speedometer caught a speeding record of 300 miles (482 kilometers) per hour.

Netizens left a message saying, The speed limit of this section is 100 kilometers, which is obviously over the speed limit, but some people doubt whether the police tachometer can see the aircraft. In this regard, road patrols in other areas have taken photographs to prove that the tachometer will indeed catch aircraft passing at low altitudes.

Reported that the video is not clear enough to see the fighters tail number, it is difficult to confirm its affiliated units, but the incident area is indeed the United States Air Force commonly used training airspace.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023