Russian Expert: The United States has developed medium-range missiles, which have long violated the Midcourse Treaty.

 Russian Expert: The United States has developed medium-range missiles, which have long violated the Midcourse Treaty.

The United States may develop land-based versions based on Tomahawk missiles

[Global Network Military March 15] Russian Satellite News Agency reported on March 15 that Andrei Suzdalitzev, deputy director of the Department of World Economy and Politics of the Russian Academy of Higher Economics, recently said that the United States had violated the Guidance Treaty for a long time, and that the United States had developed medium-range and short-range missiles, all it needed was a reason to legitimize them.

Earlier, the Associated Press quoted official sources as saying that the United States planned to test-fire missiles that had been banned by the China Guidance Treaty for 30 years in 2019. Among them, in August, the United States plans to test a cruise missile with a range of 1000 kilometers, which will be used for shipborne or mobile launchers. In November, a ballistic missile with a range of 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers will be tested.

The United States claims that Russias 9M729 missile is in violation of the Mid-Missile Treaty and should therefore be destroyed, Suzdalitzev said. But it gives us the feeling that this is entirely for other reasons. In fact, after the signing of the China Guidance Treaty, the United States possessed medium-range and short-range missiles. Now, after withdrawing from the treaty, the United States has the opportunity to legalize these missiles.

Russias 9M792 missile

He also said that, as things stand, it is impossible to develop new missiles in six months. He said: If the United States plans to test-fire missiles in August, which means that it has developed such missiles, then in fact the United States has long violated the Mid-Missile Treaty. For the United States, freeing itself from the bondage of this treaty is an opportunity to legitimize medium-range and short-range missiles that the United States has. This is another indication of Washingtons inability to fulfil the agreement, and that words are not a tool of U.S. foreign policy.

U.S. President Trump said earlier that Washington would start withdrawing from the Russian-American Guidance Treaty on February 2. U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo said that if Russia fails to fully and verifiably comply with the provisions of the treaty within a six-month period, the treaty will be abolished.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on February 2 that Russia will respond in a reciprocal manner to all U.S. actions involving medium-range and short-range missiles. Putin pointed out that Russia should not and will not be involved in a costly arms race. He also said that all Russian proposals on Disarmament are on the table and the door of negotiations is still open. He asked Russia not to propose any further talks on this issue in the future. On March 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order suspending the implementation of the Guidance Treaty.

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