Football fantastic operation: 10 points Messi forced the authoritative website to C Luo into 10 points!

 Football fantastic operation: 10 points Messi forced the authoritative website to C Luo into 10 points!

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Messi: Ronaldo is great! He spent a fantastic night in the top eight of the Champions League and was excellent.

How ambitious is a 34-year-old man? Ronaldo probably didnt know it himself.

In the previous Champions League match against Atletico Madrid, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, leading Juve to a successful reversal, two rounds 3-2 elimination of Atletico Madrid to the top eight of the Champions League. After the game, Whoscored gave Ronaldo only 9.8 points, which is the highest score in the game, but not the full score.

10 points Messi

Ronaldo changed from 9.8 to 10

But after the Champions League match, Whoscored scored a full 10 for Messi, who shot two passes, and fans soon found that Whoscored changed the previous score of Ronaldo from 9.8 to 10. Obviously, Whoscored is showing its attitude in this way. They think that Ronaldo and Messi have played perfectly in this round of the Champions League, and they cant be separated. But at the same time, Juventus striker Manjukizis score was reduced from 6.5 to 6.3.

In 2004, only 17-year-old Messi began to represent Barcelonas first team, and gradually became the teams main forward and flag star. Ronaldo made his debut in Lisbon and then moved to Manchester United to become famous. Especially after joining Real Madrid in 2009, Ronaldo and Messi became direct competitors in Spain.

In the ten years from 2008 to 2017, Messi and Carlo won the Golden Globe Award. They won five Golden Globe Awards respectively, which can be said to be equal to each other. But in last years Golden Globe awards, Modric blows cold won the Golden Globe award, the big favorite Ronaldo ranked second in the selection, and Messi ranked only fifth.

For a while, there was a lot of controversy in football. People could not help asking whether Ronaldo, 34, and Messi, 32, had started to go downhill. Who can continue to break Messi and Carlos 10-year monopoly of the Golden Globe award after Modric? Neymar or Mbape? But in the face of doubts, Messi and Ronaldo are still playing dominant roles this season.

This season, Ronaldo ranked second in the Serie A scorerslist with 19 goals, defeating Atletico Madrid, the strongest defence in Europe, with a hat-trick in the Champions League. Messi scored 26 goals in La Liga, leading the European Golden Boot List, and eight goals in the Champions League tied for the top scorer list. Messi and Carlo are still the top two superstars in football today, regardless of whether the Golden Globe Awards are awarded to them or not.

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