CCTV: The United States hesitates to announce the grounding of Boeings double-label face.

 CCTV: The United States hesitates to announce the grounding of Boeings double-label face.

This time, the world is standing with China, including some reluctant Americans.

Within five months, two air crashes occurred in succession, which resulted in the death of 189 people and 157 people. Live life is separated by Yin and Yang in an instant, leaving endless sorrow to the world. In view of the fact that the two air crashes were 737MAX-8 aircraft with short delivery and occurred in the take-off stage, which had certain similarities, and based on the management principle of zero tolerance of potential safety hazards and strict control of safety risks, in order to ensure flight safety, CAAC, after failing to communicate with Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, carefully assessed the research decisions and informed all Chinese Airlines resolutely. Stop flying this model.

For this responsible behavior of China, some American media used the usual routine to come to a wave of god operation, claiming that China took the lead in stopping flights not out of security considerations, which is self-evident. However, this time, the blackening method of the light car is not as good as some American media want: following China, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico, Britain, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, Turkey... Almost all countries and major airlines around the world have announced a no-fly ban on Boeing 737MAX series aircraft. When life security is at risk, no country dares to take chances, nor does any government dare to regard national security as a trifle. After embarrassment and pressure, the United States finally hesitated to announce a grounding.

In the field of security management, Murphys Law is well known: Something that goes wrong always goes wrong; if you are worried about something, its more likely to happen. Edward Murphy, the captain Engineer at Edwards Air Force Base, discovered and put forward this famous conclusion. Ironically, the United States has always advocated that human rights are paramount and life is paramount, but in the face of huge commercial interests, it twists and turns, pushes back and forth, and once again exposes its double-label face to the world.

There is a general saying in the aviation industry that the first accident may be a pilot problem, and the second accident must find the cause from the plane. But the Boeing company insisted after the Aeronautical Accident that safety is Boeings first priority, Boeing has enough confidence in the safety of 737MAX. Such a tough mouth is nothing more than the supremacy of interests. Everything is possible until the conclusion of the final investigation is reached. Dont you make fun of life safety by refusing to keep flying? US Transport Minister Zhao Xiaolan showed off a test machine by himself to try to inspire the platform, but all this was in vain, even the American flight attendants protested constantly. Ultimately, the U.S. government had to declare a halt to flights in the face of pressure from all over the world.

If the Lion air disaster is a hurricane, the Egyptian air disaster is a tsunami. This time, to bring the world and China together is a common concern for aviation safety. In the face of life security, mankind is a community of destiny. China has stepped forward and taken the lead in making decisions to make the image of a responsible big country fuller. Whether based on interests or prejudice, in the face of facts and common concerns of mankind, the community of destiny will surpass all differences.

Heaven is clear, and the hearts and minds of the people. The grounding of 737MAX-8 fully proves that the bottom line of life safety is not to be challenged! In the face of the fate community, any pretext will become a laughingstock. It also reminds some American media people not to distort the axioms and humanity in hypocrisy.

Source: CCTV News Mobile Network Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675