Real estate intermediary chaos: a set of photographs into multiple apartment Sources Sharing real scene

 Real estate intermediary chaos: a set of photographs into multiple apartment Sources Sharing real scene

Wang Menghui, Minister of Housing and Construction, recently responded to the regulation of housing prices, saying that this year, in particular, we should vigorously cultivate and develop the housing rental market, focusing on solving the housing problems of new citizens.

At the end of last year, Chinas housing rental report from a housing information publishing agency showed that the national rental housing supply increased by 36% year-on-year. The supply of rental housing in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen ranked the top three in the country, accounting for 11.9%, 11.3% and 10.6% respectively. Behind the increasing demand for rental housing, there are also some chaotic phenomena and hidden rules, such as issuing false housing sources, setting default traps, etc. If the renter is slightly careless, he will fall into the trap, not only losing money and money, but also possibly falling into routine loans, affecting personal credit.

In early March, the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Commission announced a group of 18 real estate brokers involved in illegal and illegal activities, which were investigated and punished for publishing group rental housing, partitioning housing, and publishing false housing source information in violation of the purchase restriction policy.

Even though the investigation has been rigorous, the Beijing News reporters found that many real estate intermediaries still exist such chaos, especially the release of false housing resources to attract tenants is the most common, and more black intermediaries set up stubble-hunting positions, so that customers defaulted to be deceived.

Fang Yuan Photos Are Fake

Well find some pictures of hardcover houses with lower prices to attract customers. A real estate broker was outspoken about the original intention of publishing false housing sources and called it a common practice in the industry.

New Beijing News reporter browsed 58 common rental platforms such as Tongcheng and Anju Guest, and found that the false housing resources in these platforms are still common: on the same rental platform, many rental posters of different locations, different prices and different districts have exactly the same layout, and even in two different rental platforms, the matching maps of rental posters issued by different housing intermediaries are identical.

FESCO International Apartment is located near the Kowloon Mountain Subway Station, Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, while Jinyujing and Yuanyuan are located in Dongba District, 9 kilometers away from the straight line. However, in the rental information on the network platform, two rental houses are located in the two districts respectively, and the layout is the same.

Similarly, two rental posts on the settlers, one showing that the house is located in Chaoyang District to Guangying, one showing that the house is located in the East Bridge, one in the North Five Rings, one in the East Three Rings, a straight line distance of about 10 kilometers, but the two rental posts have the same layout.

According to the above housing sources, the reporter contacted the intermediary to release information, the other side said that the relevant housing sources have been rented, but there are similar housing sources nearby to choose from. Regarding the same problem with different housing supply maps, a real estate agent said that such housing supply is mostly false, mainly in order to attract customers, and then find an excuse to recommend other housing sources.

In another rental post, the source photos of a suite in Happy Home District of Dongcheng District are live scenes of the main bedroom, the secondary bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. However, when the reporter was led by the intermediary to rent the house, he found that the layout of the house was totally different from the description of the rental posts, and the real scene was not shown in the photos. Apart from the bathroom, the rest of the rooms were on the upper and lower bunks, forming a group of rental houses. Faced with doubts, the intermediary made it clear that the photos of housing sources are indeed false.

On the same city of 58, there is a class of 58 houses that claim to provide real housing resources: authentic identity, authentic pictures, authentic descriptions, and authentic prices. But the reporter experience found that there are also false housing sources, one of the master bedroom co-rental information is actually group rental, the main bedroom and secondary bedroom are placed on the upper and lower beds, leaving only narrow corridors, more than 10 square meters of room, living in six people, the door is also pasted with the words no one can knock on the door note, the kitchen shown in the source picture, is completely non-existent.

Relevant authorities have been investigating and dealing with false housing sources and group rental information released by such network platforms. In September 2018, due to the long-standing existence of serious illegal and illegal housing information and black intermediary content, such as selling small property houses and renting group rental houses, 58 network platforms, such as Tongcheng, Quick Market Network and Anju Guest, were suspended from publishing all housing information in Beijing for special renovation.

Making Breach of Contract and Seizing Renters Breach of Contract

In addition to the false housing source, there are also renters who fall into the default trap deliberately set by black intermediary, forced to move out in default, loss of deposit and remaining rent.

Beijing Tongda Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. is one of the black intermediaries mentioned above. It has entered the list of investigation and exposure of the housing and construction department. Its blackest point is that the company has set up a special position named looking for breach of contract, clearing customers and washing houses to let tenants breach of contract to make profits.

Mr. Xing contacted Liu Shuo, who had access to the land, according to the rental information in 58 cities. When renting a house, Liu Shuo said that he did not need to pay any additional fees except rent and health fees. But a year later, he was informed by Liu Shuo that the heating fee of 3,300 yuan needed to be paid by him. We refused to pay. Liu Shuo called my wife every day. We were afraid of being harassed and paid the heating fee. Mr. Xing said that Liu Shuo then called him to pay 100 yuan for the health fee, and the result was paid. He was told by the other party, Three days later, he has breached the contract, and he needs to pay 7,400 yuan for the breach of contract. If he does not pay, he must move away.

Mr. Xing said that Liu Shuo and other intermediaries called day and night to harass and change locks. After Mr. Xing called the owner, he knew that the owner had already paid the heating fee. Mr. Xing then called the police.

The survey found that Liu Shuo and others repeatedly signed lease contracts with victims in the name of accessibility to land to collect rents and deposits of victimshouses, and then forced victims to pay various additional fees by means of verbal threats, harassment and deadline removal, or fabricated various pretexts to force victims by means of high liquidated damages, short message harassment, verbal threats, and changing house passwords. Rent refund, not refund the victims rent, deposit and other expenses, a total profit of more than 300,000 yuan. Liu Shuo and others were also sentenced on final trial for extortion.

Common pitfalls in financial investment:

Platform Monthly Payment to Pay Rents and Transfer Online Loans

With the development of the rental market and the rise of the online lending platform, many institutions have introduced the installment payment of rent into the real estate rental market, but there are illegal intermediaries, which set up a rent loan trap. Under the circumstance of concealing the facts of online lending, the tenants are encouraged to pay the rent on the platform by one-for-one to realize the annual rent cash-out, while the borrowed tenants are not only faced with the intermediary volume. Running risk may also be due to overdue loans affecting personal credit.

Refund refund after first acceptance

In the black intermediary of rental housing, many salesmen, in the name of tight housing supply, require the tenant to pay a deposit or rent before signing the formal contract to lock in the housing supply, but when signing the contract, they raise the price temporarily by paying heating fee, health fee, management fee, and refuse to sign the contract without paying, and refuse the tenants refund request. This temporary price increase is more common in the black intermediary business.

Experts say:

The key to mediation disorder lies in controlling the source

Zhao Xiuchi, deputy president and secretary-general of Beijing Real Estate Law Society, told reporters that for the disorder of intermediary, the key is to control the source. When tenants sign a contract, they should check whether the housing source is real, whether the real estate intermediary is compliant, whether the intermediary is reliable and whether the contract is standardized. In the aspect of market supervision, we should strengthen the management of intermediary institutions, incorporate them into the credit system of the whole society, establish a red-black list system, and give corresponding disciplinary measures from the government level.

The rental platform as an intermediary to publish rental posts position, problems can not be left out. Zhao Xiuchi believes that the lease release platform should be standardized and the certification of the rental platform should be strictly controlled.

For some consumers who have been deceived, Zhao Xiuchi believes that the most important thing is to make targeted complaints and reports, in addition to calling the consumer reporting hotline, rental deceived can also ask the Housing Construction Commission for help.

Source: No. 37 Responsible Editor of the Serious Case Unit: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675