Sisters Jens Talk about Reorganization: There was a misunderstanding that it was not easy for sisters to partner

 Sisters Jens Talk about Reorganization: There was a misunderstanding that it was not easy for sisters to partner

American, California, Indian Wells - At the beginning of this year, Zhan Yongran and Zhan Haoqing reunited. They went to Indian Wells as the eighth seed and succeeded in breaking into the top four in the first compulsory top four of the season.

The two defending champions Xie Shuwei/Strissova, who narrowly won No. 3 seed 4-66-211-9 in Tuesdays quarter-final, also continued their strong performance this year. So far this season, they have won two championships in Hobart Station and Doha Station, and also entered the finals of the Australian Open Top Eight and Brisbane Station.

The 29-year-old Zhan Yongran and 25-year-old Zhan Haoqing are among the most successful doubles sisters in the tournament, and the number of Champions they have won together is second only to the Williams sisters. Despite their partners 12 doubles titles, the sisters have spent more than two years together.

Frankly speaking, partnering with your sisters was not easy at first. Zhan Yongran said, We played together when we were very young. It was not so mature, so it was difficult.

We are four years behind each other, so we have different levels of technology and psychology, especially in adolescence.

After winning eight Championships together, the two sisters split up in 2017, looking for other partners: a series of disappointing results eventually prompted them to make the decision.

I started to get angry, so I can understand what happened after the game, but theres still a misunderstanding between us. Zhan Yongran said.

Since their separation, Zhan Yongran and Hingis have won nine championships, including the 2017 US Open, and jointly ascended to the top of the world, which is also her first major Slam title in her career. In contrast, Zhan Haoqing has changed a number of partners, the ranking experienced several fluctuations, during which only one champion entered the account (Dubai Station 2018, partner Yang Zhaoxuan).

For both of them, its very necessary to take off the pressure of being a doubles partner and get along only as sisters in the past two years. Last off-season, they decided to give themselves another chance.

We are the closest people in each others lives, so we can be outspoken. Zhan Yongran said, Sometimes this is our advantage, but sometimes it will have a negative impact on us. I am very happy that we are mature enough to handle the pros and cons.

The two men initially planned to reopen their team in 2020 to represent Chinas Taipei in the Tokyo Olympics. But because of Hingiss retirement and the success of their brief restructuring last year, all these factors indicate that they are ready to join hands again.

Zhan Yongran laughed and said, Now she can beat me! When we train together, we fight and Im shocked:How did you win?

Shes still unbelievable! Zhan Haoqing interjected.

Now I can gradually accept this fact, added Zhan Yongran. I mean, shes in the middle of her career and Im getting older.

The next semi-final, the Jans will face a more severe test, with the top seed, last years French Open and Wimbledon double champion Kregitzkova / Siniakova separated from the net. On Wednesday, the Czech Republic knocked out Wikipedia/Bottens by 6-17-6(2).

The two Czech girls are the best doubles combination today, Jan commented. We played with them in Miami last year, but it was a year ago. Its interesting to revisit that match now. They scored a lot of wonderful points against Bottens and Wikipedia, as well as surprising tactics.

We need to watch our opponents carefully, do our homework well and stay focused in the game.

In the second half, No. 5 seed Xu Yihuang/Dabrowski will compete with Meltens/Sabarenca for the final.

Tour Sister Group Championship Number TOP5:

22-Serena Williams/Venus Williams

12-Zhan Yongran/Zhan Haoqing

3-Lyudmila Chichenok/Nadia Chichenok

3-Arona Bondarenko/Katrina Bondarenko

3-Carolina Priscova/Christina Priscova

Source: WTA Chinese Official Website Responsible Editor: Cao Lie-e_NS1806