Canadian novice talks about IWs dream journey. Mental construction relies on Yoga Meditation

 Canadian novice talks about IWs dream journey. Mental construction relies on Yoga Meditation

American, California, Indian Wells - The last two weeks have been fantastic enough for Canadian teenager Anderscu to make breakthroughs in the BNP Paribas Open and write new history again and again.

Anderscu, ranked 178th at the end of last year, will be among the top 40 at Indian Wells next week. It is worth mentioning that the 18-year-old Canadian novice has also become the third foreign card player in the history of the tournament to reach the semi-finals of the womens singles. Only Williams Jr. (2015) and Hingis Jr. (2006) have achieved this feat before.

After Muguruza, the worlds No. 1 before the 6-06-1 bloodbath, Anderscu accepted an interview with the media and admitted that she would strengthen the psychological construction through yoga and meditation. Her good mentality was also a strong support for her to go through the barrier.

When I was very young, my mother guided me to meditate. Anderscu said, I was supposed to be 12 years old. Since then, I have maintained this habit and often practiced yoga.

I not only pay attention to physical exercise, but also strengthen psychological construction, because the latter is also very, very important. This is reflected in my games. I have to focus on the moment, not on what has happened or has not happened yet.

Anderscus preferred mode of meditation is called creative visualization. The main way to practice this kind of thinking is to turn the goal you want to achieve into a concrete, visual picture in your mind.

However, Anderscu told reporters that this is not only to imagine her success on the field, but also to meditate as a daily practice to help improve her concentration and avoid confusion.

The first thing I do when I get up early every day is to meditate, she explained. I think it helps me to refresh myself for a new day. Im not going to look at my cell phone, so I wont be drowned out by all kinds of information.

I spend a quarter of an hour every morning adjusting my body and mind. I imagine that Im going to have a good day, maybe thats all.

She added: I feel that a lot of people pay attention to strengthening physical exercise, but I think the mental level is the most important, because the brain will control your body, right?

Strong mental strength also helps her play on the field. Canadian youngsters scored 31 victories in 34 recent matches, beating outdated No. 3 Wozniacki, No. 18 Wang Tan and No. 20 Muguruza.

Anderscu also has some personal superstitions: she puts a plastic head rope around her elbow instead of her wrist, and takes out a small bottle to smell when shes changing sides. Not knowing anything, she kept her mouth shut to the mysterious object: No divulge of the sky, she joked.

But she also revealed that during the competition, she would keep repeating some key words between two points to motivate herself.

I usually remember these keywords in my head, Anderscu said. Theyre very short. Ill go through them before serving and receiving. I just want to cheer myself up.

For example, I would think aboutreceiving and playing, because sometimes I like to attack directly when receiving and playing... I will try to make these prompts as concise as possible. Basically thats it.

Anderscu is about to face another major battle on Friday, as opposed to No. 6 seed Svetorina. She will strive to become the first foreign card player to reach the final in the history of the tournament.

Source: WTA Chinese Official Website Responsible Editor: Cao Lie-e_NS1806