A 90-year-old man has found his lost children for more than 40 years

 A 90-year-old man has found his lost children for more than 40 years

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Its you! A 90-year-old man went to a matchmaking agency to find his wife, but he didnt expect to find his lost children for more than 40 years. (Source: ~)

Mr. Tan looks very tall and handsome. It is hard to see that he is 90 years old this year. Last week, the old man went to the marriage agency to find a wife for himself. The old man said that he had been engaged in administrative work in the Institute of nonferrous metals before retirement. Decades ago, he had experienced a failed marriage, and then he had been living alone. He wanted to place his old age in a nursing home, but he always felt empty in his heart. So he went to a matchmaking agency to get married and wanted to find a suitable person to spend the rest of his life.

Older people find a wife, and matchmaking agencies are rare. In order to understand the situation of the elderly, the head of the marriage agency, Ms. Chu, talked with Mr. Tan Lao. If you dont know about it, it will lead to many old stories.

Originally, Mr. Tan was a soldier when he was young. He had a son and a daughter with his ex-wife. However, because of the disagreement between them, they divorced as early as 40 years ago. The child was raised by his ex-wife alone and gradually lost contact. Coincidentally, Ms. Chu, who is in charge of the marriage agency, and Lao Tans ex-wife are former colleagues and friends. After listening to his experience, the junior lady who was supposed to help find a wife first found two children who had been lost for decades.

Old Mr. Tan and his children have been out of touch for more than 40 years. Long ago, he tried to find them by telephone, but the phone was cancelled and never found. Gradually, missing became disappointment. In the old mans memory, the daughter still stayed in the girls appearance decades ago, and learned that the first lady was a friend of her ex-wife. Mr. Tans hope of finding a child was aroused again. As Ms. Chu knows, more than 20 years ago, Mr. Tans daughter moved to the United States, and his son is still in Shanghai. Unfortunately, eight years ago, Mr. Tans ex-wife died, and Ms. Chu had no news of them.

However, the enthusiastic first lady decided to try her best to help Mr. Chen. She eventually found Mr. Tans daughter through various ways. It turned out that Mr. Tans daughter was also looking for her father. It is understood that Tans daughter now has her own baby, who is 8 years old. Although the family is far away from the ocean, the family met through video calls.

In order to meet his daughter, Mr. Tan put on a red scarf, which made him look more energetic. Finally, its time to connect, but for a moment I dont know what to say.

Mr. Tans daughter has not returned to China for many years, but she has decided to return to Shanghai to reunite with her father in June this year. Despite decades of delay, fate eventually brought reunion. Afterwards, Mr. Tan also made contact with his son.

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