Panda Live or shut down the server on March 18. Officials have not yet responded.

 Panda Live or shut down the server on March 18. Officials have not yet responded.

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Live broadcasting outlet in the past, industry third panda live broadcasting was exposed bankruptcy crisis.

On March 6, some netizens reported on the social platform that Panda Live will file for bankruptcy this month, and employees will pay half a months salary. On March 18, Panda Live will close the server.

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Another webcast screenshot shows that the assistant of suspected Panda Live COO, Zhang Juyuan, said in Panda Kiewe, a panda live broadcasting staff group, that he had arranged the employee needs of several companies.

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All-weather Technologies asked Panda Live about the issue, but as of publication, no reply had been received.

Since last year, news about the tight financial chain of live panda broadcasting, the arrears of anchor salary and the withdrawal of major shareholder Wang Sicong has been circulating frequently. But in June 2018, Panda Live focused on denying it.

In October of the same year, Panda Live COO Zhang Juyuan mentioned in a dialogue with all-weather technology that the panda live broadcast on the Internet would be acquired by Tencent or Huya companies, and that Wang Sicongs withdrawal from investment was not true rumors. He also revealed that in 2018 the company had achieved a break-even profit and loss, while Panda Live was in the process of a new round of financing, and the listing was also in preparation, with plans to go public as early as 2019.

Half a year has passed since the talks, but there has been no news of financing on live panda broadcasting. The last public financing news was in May 2017.

According to all-weather science and technology understanding, there are panda anchor group staff (super tube) confirmed that the panda is sure not to do it, and the news just came out today (March 6) afternoon. Another panda live broadcast staff member told all-weather technology that Panda TV has been difficult to operate in the near future, and many employees are looking for alternative ways out.

There are also anchors on social platforms who wrote, You missed your most glorious period, but witnessed your trough, or confirmed the pandas live bankruptcy rumors.

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Unexpectedly, the news of Pandas bankruptcy broadcast live came faster than the financing news, and earlier than expected.

Interface News learned from people close to Panda Live that at the end of last year, Panda Live had begun to think about restructuring plans, but so far, Wang Sicong still holds the shares of Panda Live, and has not sold them or transferred them to other investors.

In addition, the media also said that six months ago, when Panda Live and Tiger Tooth, Fighting Fish and Netease talked about acquisitions, it had a debt of more than 700 million yuan, and the transaction was fruitless because of its high debt.

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