Pereira: Kawasaki is the best team in Asia. Its lucky to have Hulk.

 Pereira: Kawasaki is the best team in Asia. Its lucky to have Hulk.

After Wu Lei left the team, Shanggang also conducted a new formation drill during the winter training period, which was outstanding in the Super Cup and Shencheng Derby. Today, facing the Kawasaki forward, Shangkong sent Hurk, Oscar and Elksons partner Ahmadov four foreign aid attacks. Although Shangkong did not dominate the scene, 80,000 people stadium is still the Asian Championship of Shangkong. For the fourth time in a row, Shangkong entered the Asian Championship for the third consecutive season and won the Asian Championship. With handball in the forbidden area, it defeated powerful Sichuan 1-0 at home. Kazakh striker. After that, the unbeaten home games of the Shanghai Asian Championship expanded to 19 games, including three Asian Championship playoffs and 16 matches, with 15 wins and 4 draws.

After the match, Pereira first commented on the match: What I said before the game is that Kawasaki has a clear technical characteristics, which makes it very difficult for us to play. This is the best team I have ever seen in Asian clubs. They are good at possessing the ball and let us use the space behind us to pass in the face of their attack.

Pereira believes that in the first half he was used to leaving the field injured, plus Shikos previous injury, Our two main central defenders are absent and its very difficult to play against the strong team. The team worked very hard, although some stages were not very beautiful, but like a whole, using running to fill our weaknesses, we also scored the goal in the end, which is a very good start to our Asian Championship.

Regarding whether Pereira considers Hulk to be one of the best players in Asia, Pereira said: I am really lucky to have such a player, not only in the technical and tactical level, but also in other aspects I am very happy to have good Chinese and foreign players, including temperament, but also to help the team technically.