Hulk: The team won more than they scored. Seeing Kawasaki return to 18

 Hulk: The team won more than they scored. Seeing Kawasaki return to 18

In 87 minutes, Fu Huans cross hit Yamada Yingzhengs hand, and Hassan gave a penalty directly. Hulk hit the free throw with his own knife and killed the game in 89 minutes.

In this game, Hulk scored a key penalty. Whether he has always had the belief to win the game, Hulk said after the game, I am still satisfied with my performance, do my best and stick to the end. Our opponents are very strong, and they are all at the Asian level. The opponent has more possession of the ball, we can only defend better, this very difficult game, finally get three points, a very important victory. The second one is Sunings Chinese Super League match. I hope we can be ready to win the home victory of the Chinese Super League.

For breaking through his former team, Hulk said frankly: Its good to see old friends when meeting the former team. It reminds me that when I first came to Kawasaki when I was 18 years old, I had a very good relationship. I also saw that the staff there are all my old friends. Its a wonderful feeling.

In fact, Hulk had two chances before that. Fifty minutes later, a supplementary shot in front of the door hit the left post, which failed to break the deadlock on the court. In 81 minutes, Hulk also ran 50 meters in 8 seconds, finally shaking three defensive players to complete a shot. As for whether he can actually score more than one goal today, Hulk thought: Today there are no two chances, only one chance to score, but I slipped, I want to score as many goals as possible to help the team, but the important thing is that the team gets three points, not how many goals I scored. Todays three points, for the next is also a very favorable trend.