Champions League-Kane winner Spurs double-hit Dort 4-0 to advance to the top 8

 Champions League-Kane winner Spurs double-hit Dort 4-0 to advance to the top 8

Tottenham beat Tottenham 3-0 at Wembley in London in the first round. Compared with Spursstart in the first round, Kane on Spurs side returned to the starting line with Sun Xingtu and Eriksson behind him. Dort changed to 4141, Witessel had a single back, Sancho and Guerrero were on the two flanks, Getze and Royce were in the middle, and Paco was one man ahead.

In the 11th minute, Dotts left-hand pass was picked by Grero in the front court. Risanchez cut the ball in the penalty area and poked it at Royce. Royce hesitated to shoot after stopping the ball and was destroyed by Wilton Hengs supplementary tackle. In the 16th minute, Akangis long pass on the left, Paco inserted the ball in the forbidden area before stopping the ball on the right foot and shot the left foot pad over the crossbeam. In the 21st minute, Grero crossed the ball on foot, volleyed on the left side of the Royce penalty area, hit Sanchez and flew to the goal. The ball was held in front of Loris door.

In the 31st minute, Kane put out the straight plug in front of him, Sun Xingtuo put the ball in front of a single knife and pushed it out of the left post against the attacking Bilkie. In the 33rd minute, Weigel was blocked by Lori when he shook his head in front of his teammates oblique pass on the left, and his second shot was thrown out by Lori. Dorts left corner kicked out and Royces volley in the middle of the penalty area was slightly higher than the crossbeam. The 44th minute, Paco forbidden area arc top right foot arc ball, kick too straight, Lori got.

In the first half, the two teams met 0-0, and in the second half they changed sides and fought again. There was no change in the midfield. In the 49th minute, Erikssons forward stopper was blocked, Sissoko took the ball and then stoppered again. Kane threw in front of him and shot through the line of the guards penalty area behind him, Spurs 1-0. The goal was Kanes fifth in the Champions League this season. In the 64th minute, Dell kicked Royce in the back court, Royce free kick in the front of Dort went into the penalty area. Several players in the middle of the penalty area headed the ball but could not head directly to the goal.

In the 69th minute, Sissoko dribbled the ball forward in the front field and gave the ball to Sun Xingtu who was inserted on the left highway. Sun Xingtus shot was blocked out of the baseline by Dort guard. On the 83rd minute, Sissoko Zhisai, Ramela thrust into the forbidden area before scoring the ball to the right. Orier crossed the sliding door on the right and no one touched it. One minute later, Larsons top-arc side volley kicked too straight and Lori held the ball. In the 86th minute, Kane was invalidated when he took Ramelas straight plug and pushed the ball offside. The 89th minute, Larsen straight, Paco push was thrown out by Lori, Getze forbidden area arc top shot high. Spurs won 1-0 away.

Starting Line-up

Dortmund (4141): Bilkie/Wolff (62Larson), Akangi, Weigel, Diallo/Vitessel/Sancho, Royce (74Delaney), Getzer, Grero (62Prisci)/Paco

Tottenham Hotspur (3412): Lori/Aldwell, D. Sanchez, Wilton Henry/Orier, Winks (55Dell), Sissoko, Davis/Eriksson (83Ross)/Sun Xingtuo (70Lameira), Kane

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