Kaohsiung Mayor Koreayo really wants to come to the mainland. Its not easy behind that.

 Kaohsiung Mayor Koreayo really wants to come to the mainland. Its not easy behind that.

Kaohsiung Mayor Koreayo is really coming to the mainland.

This was announced by him personally on Monday (4).

The reason for adding the word true is that the term Korean Yo Landing has a long history. From Taiwans Nine in One local elections to today, there have been several times, even stereotyped. But eventually he failed to make it.

This time, the specific date has been set: 22-28 March.

There were four places he would visit: Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen and Xiamen. On average, each place stays for a day or two, which is called a non-stop trip.

_Korean Yo (Visual China)


Over the past two days, Xiao Rui observed the reactions of all parties inside and outside the island, and found that the visit of Yo Yo in Korea was indeed not simple.

Lets look at the mainland first.

Yo Yo of Korea said on the 4th that he would lead the Kaohsiung exchange delegation to visit the mainland. On the afternoon of the same day, Anfeng Mountain, spokesman of the National Taiwan Office, responded to a query and said, Welcome.

Anfeng Mountains statement is as follows:

We welcome and support cross-strait City exchanges and cooperation on the basis of upholding the 92 Consensus to jointly enhance the interests and welfare of compatriots across the Straits.

Please pay attention to these key words: the 1992 Consensus, urban exchanges and cooperation, and the well-being of compatriots across the Straits.

_DATA PICTURE: AN Fengshan, spokesman of the National Taiwan Office (Xinhua News Agency)

This is the consistent position of the National Taiwan Office. For Korean Yo, who expressed high-profile recognition of the 1992 Consensus before and after the election and devoted to economy, the three key words mentioned above are clearly in line with and implemented in concrete actions.

This is the biggest difference between Korean Yo and most of the islands politicians: dare to say, dare to do more.

It must be admitted that this kind of do-it-all-you-do style is rare in the island.

The mainlands welcome for Korean Yo is not just a spokesman for the Taiwan Office.

On the 5th, in Beijings Great Hall of the People, Russian Satellite News Agency reporters recorded a dialogue between Taiwanese journalists and Liu Jieyi, director of the Taiwan Office.

In this 25-second video, facing the question of whats the expectation of Korean Yos visit to mainland China, Liu Jie answered as he walked: Welcome him to come!

The spokesman of the National Taiwan Office responded on the same day and Liu Jieyi personally welcomed him the next day. Although his comments were brief, they showed the importance attached by all parties to the visit.

In fact, most mainland peoples attitudes towards Yos visit have reached a consensus with the official: welcome.

Heres a look at the heated discussions that can be seen everywhere on social media.u2014u2014

The HKSAR Government also welcomes the visit of Korean Yo. According to the website of Hong Kong Wen Reporting, the Bureau of Political System and Mainland Affairs of the HKSAR Government said on the 5th that it would like to see Hong Kong and Kaohsiung strengthen city exchanges and hope that Korean Yos visit can promote cooperation between the two places.

Taiwanese businessmen in Macau also rushed to inform each other that, according to Taiwans Lianhe Daily, the president of Macau Taiwanese Business Fellowship, Jan Ting, expressed his hope to win exchanges between Korea and Macao on the 23rd and 24th, and build channels for more than 30 countries such as Kaohsiung to market in the European Union.


For Korean Yo, known as the Blue Camp Star, he is still in a whirlwind when he takes office as mayor of Kaohsiung: to realize his campaign promise, he is actively running inside and outside the island. In this process, Korean Yo made many statements on the 92 Consensus.

On January 8 this year, Korean Yo told Taiwans Zhongshi E-Newspaper that the 1992 Consensus is an important guiding principle for cross-strait interaction. If we lose the basis of cross-strait interaction, it will become confused and cross-strait development will become unpredictable.

Kaohsiung is in such a hurry that I dont know what it will look like to lose the 1992 Consensus. He said, Looking from the development of Kaohsiung City, what should we do if we do not adhere to the92 Consensusof Kaohsiung City? Economic development will soon encounter difficulties.

On January 17, Korean Yo made it clearer when she first received a question: I am a strong supporter of the 1992 Consensus. He also said that only in this way can goods be sold out, talents come in, and the two sides of the Straits develop peacefully.

South Korean Yos gesture drew cheers from the people of the island, but it also touched the pain of the DPP authorities. Cai Yingwen wrote in the social media tarnishing Korean Yo: I think there are several more chairmen of the Continental Committee.

Faced with pressure from Taiwan authorities, South Korean Yo was particularly cautious in announcing his decision to visit cities such as Hong Kong and Macao.

Taiwans Zhongshi E-Newspaper pointed out that due to sensitive issues on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Korean Yo changed the habit of playing on the spot at the opening ceremony, and rarely recited the speeches prepared by his staff.

_The cross-strait working group of Kaohsiung Municipal Government met for the first time on March 4, and Korean Yo read the opening speech according to the manuscript. (Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)

It is noteworthy that the meeting at which Koreayo announced his visit to mainland cities was also the first meeting of the cross-strait working group of the Kaohsiung Municipal Government. In his opening speech, Koreayo said that Taiwan has a close economic and trade relationship with the mainland and must not be ignored.

Although Yo Yo is cautious and cautious, repeatedly stressing that the focus of Kaohsiung Municipal Government is the livelihood and economy, he has not escaped the suspicion of Taiwan authorities.

Taiwans Joint News Network reported on June 6 that Su Zhengchang, head of Taiwans administrative organs, shouted at the Korean Yogaku on May 5 to stop him from being framed by the mainlands political framework. Su Zhenchang was even more boastful: Only by preparing for war can peace be achieved.

Korean Yo is sour: Please rest assured that Korean Yo will never take a broom to the southern cities of mainland China when he is the leader of the regiment.

The stem of broom comes from Su Zhenchang.

A few days ago, Su Zhenchang made a lot of remarks, claiming that give him a broom to fight with the mainland.


What happened afterwards must have been known by many people: there are reports that a mainland netizen actually sent him a broom, but it failed to send it.

The reason is customer rejection.

Popular feelings

When Su Zhengchang refused to accept broomsticks to make a foreign appearance, without broomsticks Korean Yo was welcomed by the mainland, which undoubtedly proves that the 92 Consensus is the common political basis for peaceful development across the Straits.

There is no doubt that cross-strait exchanges, including urban exchanges between Kaohsiung and the mainland, must be conducted within the framework of the 1992 Consensus. Without this framework, there would be no basis for communication. Zhang Wensheng, Vice Dean of Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University, told Xiaorui.

When the mainland officials and people welcomed him, the mainstream public opinion and people in the island also looked forward to his visit.

Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper pointed out on the 5th that according to the sales data of Kaohsiung pineapple to the mainland, the market demand of Kaohsiung fruit in the mainland is huge. If the cross-strait interaction is friendly, farmersincome will be better.

Data Picture: On January 20, Fujian Pingtan Port District staff were transporting newly arrived Taiwan fruits. (Xinhua News Agency)

Korean Yo publicly acknowledged the92 Consensusin his election campaign, declared that he would cooperate with other southern cities in economic and trade, and won 890,000 peoples approval in Kaohsiung, which is tantamount to the latest public opinion authorizing him to advance to the mainland to fight for the economy. The report said.

In fact, most Taiwanese people, especially Kaohsiung people, have a simple appeal: Goods go out, people come in, and life is getting better and better.

Behind this appeal is the quiet turn of public opinion.

From the nine-in-one local elections to the outbound travel of Korean Yo, and the growing voice of I am Chinese on the island, the discussion of how to unify issues in the fermentation of public opinion and academia, changes have been quiet.

A friend on the island once told Xiao Rui that many politicians in Taiwan had been cautious about admitting that they were Chinese.

And that has changed a lot lately. Heavy figures, including the chairman of the Kuomintang, consciously or unconsciously declared themselves Chinese on different occasions.

For example, just last month, the Hong Kong China Evaluation Agency reported that Wu Dunyi, chairman of the Kuomintang, directly said when he attended the Taiwan Marine Corps Alumni Association on February 17, We are all descendants of the Yellow Empire, and I am also Chinese! At last years New Party Party congress, Ma Ying-jeou also congratulated that each of us is Chinese, our homeland is in Taiwan, and each of us is Taiwanese.

Faced with this new situation, some green camp media can not turn around for a while. For example, Taiwans Sanli News Network sours Korean Yo while playing all the time, while the Freedom Times claims that Korean Yo is a poison that tears Taiwan apart.

However, compared with Su Zhengchang and the unspoken green camp media, the statements made by other Taiwanese officials in these two days are more interesting. Chen Mingtong, chairman of the Taiwan Mainland Committee, said he was very confident about Korean Yo and would not let go his trip. Zhang Xiaoyue, chairman of the Taiwan Sea Foundation, also expressed his willingness to provide assistance.

_Chen Mingtong (Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)

Zhang Wensheng said that on the whole, the DPP authorities did not suppress Korea Yo this time, first of all, because of the pressure of public opinion. Because Korean Yoshis economic practices are popular in Kaohsiung, and the results are obvious. Therefore, the DPP is unable to confront the actual interests of the Taiwanese people. The Democratic Progressive Party has also learned the lessons of the previous nine in one local elections and dared not overwhelm Korean Yo.

In Zhang Wenshengs view, the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao are indispensable in the process of Kaohsiungs economic struggle. If Kaohsiung wants to further develop, it must catch the train of high-speed development of the mainlands economy. In this context, even if the DPP authorities want to suppress Korea Yo, it is difficult to achieve.

There is a growing demand for cross-strait exchanges and cooperation within the island, and the Taiwanese people have a growing recognition of the 1992 Consensus. Zhang Wensheng said.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331