Juve are in a mess! Its irreversible that Allegri has resigned.

 Juve are in a mess! Its irreversible that Allegri has resigned.

Italian media such as Whole Market, Sports Roma and Football Market reported this week that Allegris relationship with Juventus Club has been very tense. Last week Allegri even submitted his resignation voluntarily and was willing to leave Juventus immediately. The incident alarmed Juve club president Agnelli, who interrupted his vacation to return to Turin and held an emergency meeting to persuade Allegri to stay in office for the time being.

However, the differences between Alegri and Juve have been irreparable. First of all, he feels that he has lost the trust and support of the clubs top managers. Former Juve general manager Marotta recommended Alegre to coach the Bianconeri, but before the breakup of Juve and Marotta, Palladic took over, and his team management ability is not as good as Marotta.

Juve spent 100 million euros last summer signing superstar Ronaldo. For Juve, who have won seven consecutive league titles, the primary goal of this season is the Champions League. Previously, senior Juventus officials have repeatedly stated that Juve will compete for all the trophies this season. But in the first round of the Champions Leagues eighth final, Juve lost 2-0 away to Atletico Madrid, leaving little hope of promotion. After losing the game, Allegri was criticized and abused by many Juventus fans, which forced him to close his social media account.

Although winning the Serie A title this season is not a problem, it still disappoints Juventus players like Ronaldo if they fail to achieve their Champions League goals. At present, the atmosphere in Juventus has begun to get worse. At the weekend against Napoli, Ronaldo openly expressed his dissatisfaction with his teammatesstruggle, while Bonucci and Sandros personal relationship was not good. Dibala and Douglas Costa kept spreading news of their departure, which made it difficult for Allegri to deal with.

According to Sport Roma, although President Agnelli persuaded Alegri to remain in office for the time being, senior Juventus managers have begun contacting new coaches. Agnelli will hold another meeting after the next round of the Champions League to discuss the change of coaches. At present, President Agnelli would like to invite Zidane or Deschamps to take over the team this summer, believing that he can continue Alegris style of coaching, while Nedved and Palladic support Conti or Guadiola, hoping that the new manager will make a major adjustment to the team after taking office.

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