Chinas military expenditure growth aggravates regional tensions? This has to be settled properly.

 Chinas military expenditure growth aggravates regional tensions? This has to be settled properly.

I dont remember when it started. Some foreign media speculate on Chinas military expenditure during the two sessions every year.

To say fried art, I am afraid no one in the world can catch up with the Chinese people, after all, we have a thousand years of history of eating fried vegetables. We all know that fried to master the fire. Always fried endlessly, either fried old is not delicious, or fried paste can not eat.

Perhaps because foreigners do not understand fried dishes, so do not know this truth?

At the first press conference of the second session of the 13th National Peoples Congress, Bloomberg reporters asked about Chinas military expenditure.


On March 4, at the first press conference of the Second Session of the 13th National Peoples Congress, Bloomberg reporters repeated their old rhetoric and asked about Chinas military expenditure growth this year, adding a background to the concern expressed by some countries in the Asia-Pacific region that it posed a threat.

Yes, Chinas military expenditure has risen every year in recent years. But if we consider the rising range, we can see that our country is very restrained on this issue.

In terms of growth rate, the double digits which had been falling year after year have gradually fallen back to the single digits. Last year was 8.1%. This year, according to the draft budget, Chinas defense budget will be 1.19 trillion yuan in 2019, with a growth rate of 7.5%.

Some foreign media friends, such as Reuters, have calculated more precisely. This years increase in Chinas defense budget is the fourth digit since 2016.

Horizontally, Zhang Yesui, spokesman of the General Assembly, also pointed out that in 2018, Chinas defense expenditure accounted for about 1.3% of GDP, while the defense expenditure of some major developed countries accounted for more than 2% of GDP in the same period. Agence France-Presse also said that although China is the worlds second largest military expenditure country, but far behind the United States - the United States defense budget this year is 716 billion dollars.

If so, if the so-called threat really exists, who is more winner?

Even if the facts remain unchanged, some foreign media are still serious: Japans Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei said at a press conference on the 5th that Chinas defense expenditure has maintained a high growth rate for a long time, and Japan expressed great concern about it. Japans Nikkei Shimbun said it showed the Japanese governments vigilance. Voice of America said that some of Chinas neighbours and other countries often complain about the lack of transparency in Chinas defense expenditure and the intensification of regional tensions.

Unfortunately, some of the media did not pay much attention to the continuous decline of military expenditure in China. Turning around, they talked about what most countries used this to speculate about Chinas strategic intentions, and that opacity also exacerbated regional tensions.

General Assembly Press Spokesperson Zhang Yesui responded


What are the real tensions around China these days, and where are the roots?

Does it seem that Chinese warships have not run to other countriesdoors? Of course, Chinas military aircraft did start some long-distance training in the past two years, but then long-distance is also around China, which can be fundamentally different from other countries that use one breath to launch bombers and fly a small half of the Pacific Ocean to train.

Then someone has to ask, does the single-digit increase sound nervous? Where is the rise, the island uncle also wants to break off.

First, equipment. In recent years, Chinas defense science and technology have developed well, and many new weapons have appeared. But dont forget the old saying, China is very big, its development is unbalanced and its history is in debt.

Dao Shu remembers that in the Spring Festival Gala of the previous two years, the scenes of the PLA New Years greeting were taken as a piece of music by many friends -- Whats all this, old fighter seven, five pairs of wheels (type 59 tank)?.

The New Years Eve Shot of the Peoples Liberation Army

Duan Kele, but the fact is that some Chinese troops are still using weapons older than soldiers or even grassroots officers. New equipment replacement equipment needs sufficient production, that is, enough money.

Regardless of the issue of weapons and equipment and military wages, even organizing training exercises can not be separated from real gold and silver. Without exercises, should equipment be worshipped as exhibits? Will it work if we fight?

At present, there are still many frontier guard posts where the living conditions of officers and soldiers are poor. In todays era, barracks are basically not leaking from all sides, and there are bathing places in winter. Food and beverage problems are not necessarily good, but they are much stronger than before. But there are still a lot of problems, such as inconvenience in transportation and difficulty in seeing a doctor. If we want to solve them one by one, we need to invest seriously.

There are many other places to spend money. For example, to improve the social status of soldiers, improve the treatment of their families, and resettle veterans. In fact, the money used in these areas is really very important.

Uncle Dao has been a soldier for several years, but he knows very well that its not easy to be a soldier. Soldiers talk about dedication, but they are also human beings. They have parents, wives and children. They also want to live in this society. If they can not be given the necessary treatment, it seems neither fair nor reasonable to ask them for dedication.

Our country has developed rapidly in recent years, and has begun to pay attention to problems that were not taken into account in time before. For example, the establishment of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the emphasis on the quality of life for the reintegration of veterans will help to make the active servicemen more comfortable in their work.


The popular saying on the Internet is, The world is not very peaceful, but we live in a peaceful country. You may be called up by an alarm clock in the morning like Uncle Ishima and rush to squeeze the subway to work instead of waking up in the middle of the night by the sound of an explosion and running into an air raid shelter. But to be honest, the latter kind of living condition does exist in many parts of the world.

For example, Syria, which was originally a peaceful life, was deduced by a group of playful white helmet, and was subjected to a battle axe worth more than $1 billion. Mr. Jaafari, Syrias ambassador to the United Nations, asked precisely, Is it enough to save people from sarin poisoning without gas masks? Is the rescue measure flushed with mineral water? Where was the foreign media then?

Recently, the Western media, which used white helmet to speak out, came out to clarify the facts, but under the attack of force, the deceased could not be revived. The medias understated apologies can instantly dress up as responsible and professional. But after a thorough study, you will understand what is going on. Otherwise, why didnt they do a good job of investigating and listening to biased beliefs at that time?

Let me give you another example. Say that our military expenditures are linked to regional tensions? Over there, some people are throwing the China Guidance Treaty, a milestone in international arms control, into the wastebasket.

In fact, what China has been doing these years is obvious to all the world. China also has no intention of keeping secret from anyone. It is clear: one belt and one road is to let everyone work together to live a good life. The community of human destiny is not to think about hitting other peoples homes all day long. Instead, we should focus on complementary advantages and common progress.

Of course, its not very reassuring to realize these visions without security guarantees, so China has provided the United Nations with 8,000 standing peacekeeping forces and started providing personnel training for regional security organizations such as the AU, which is also military expenditure.

China has always held high the banner of peaceful coexistence. Such a national strategy has never changed for decades. So whether Chinas military expenditure has risen or fallen, it is for the sake of safeguarding the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the country and will not pose a threat to other countries. In addition, observers need to understand that whether a country poses a military threat to other countries depends on the countrys foreign and defense policies, not on how much the countrys defense spending has increased.

Finally, dont feel pain when you listen to spending money. You know, if you dont want to spend money on national defense on weekdays, you will surely suffer thieves.

Source: Chivalrous Island Responsible Editor: Li Tianyi_NN7528