Female college students who rescue the fallen elderly on their way back from job hunting have been admitted by the unit free of examination

 Female college students who rescue the fallen elderly on their way back from job hunting have been admitted by the unit free of examination

Female college students were admitted to the hospital on their way home from job hunting: whats wrong with their moral character and whats wrong with their work (Source:)

On March 4, Jin Jinzi, a female junior in Henan Province, was on her way back from her job search when she met an old man who fell down. She went to help the old man after graduating from nursing specialty until he was taken away by an ambulance. Afterwards, Jin Jinzi was admitted to the hospital without an examination because of his righteousness.

Jin Jinzi, 21, is a junior majoring in nursing. Jin Jinzi told reporters that she would graduate in June this year. When she saw that the hospital was recruiting, she went to register.

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On her way home from the hospital on the 4th, she saw an old man on a tricycle overturning on the road with his car. Im a nursing major myself, so I want to go and see what happened to the old people, Jin Jinzi said. When he arrived at the scene, the old man was still conscious and always said that he was dizzy.

According to his medical experience, Jin Jinzi examined the old mans body and found that he had no trauma. I preliminarily determined that he might have hypertension. Concerned about the old mans cold, Jin Jinzi put the cushion on the old mans tricycle under him and put on his hat. Jin Jinzi told reporters that she was worried that the old man would fall into a coma. She held the old mans hand and talked to him until the ambulance arrived. There are ten minutes before and after it.

Jin Jinzi didnt think too much when she saw the old man fall to the ground. Because high blood pressure may be dangerous, I want to rescue people quickly, she told reporters, but because the first aid patients during the previous internship were all with the old people, she was still a little afraid that day. The main reason is that she was afraid of delaying treatment because of her lack of experience.

Passers-by sent the videos of Jin Jinzis rescue to the Internet, which aroused praise from many netizens. According to media reports, Xue Jidong, the president of Jin Jinzis hospital, also saw the video and forwarded it to the Wechat Group of the hospital. He also said that if the girl came to the hospital to apply for a job, she could be directly recruited without examinations. When he learned that Jin Jinzi had just sent his resume to the hospital on the same day, Xue Jidong immediately decided to break the rules and accept Jin Jinzi.

On the afternoon of March 6, the Secretary-General of the hospital said in an interview with a reporter from the Beiqing Daily that she had met Jin Jinzi herself on the 6th. I was also moved to see the video of the girl rescuing people, but the hospital also had strict requirements for nursing staff. If there were problems such as shaking hands, it would not be able to do nursing work, so I decided to meet the girl face to face.

After meeting Jin Jinzi, the secretary-in-chief made a thorough understanding of her academic background, academic performance, physical condition and so on. Overall, it is quite satisfactory. I have reported to the Dean the situation, and Jin Jinzi will be admitted after graduation in July. After Jin Jinzis entry into the post, he will go through training, rotation and other links with all his regular colleagues, and eventually assign specific jobs.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284